Build your CityVille: CityVille Functional Buildings

Build your CityVille: CityVille Functional Buildings
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The Visitor Center

The visitor center is a structure that can tell you how your city is doing. Once you reach level fifteen you can take a quest to get this building. The visitor center will take four friends to staff or you can buy the positions with game cash, the choice is yours. If you delete the structure, it will go back into your inventory so there’s no need to worry about losing it. You can collect coins from the building like normal structures but it serves a purpose too. Once you click on the building it gives you statistics of your city such as top visitors, occupied ground tiles, value of the city, total residences, total businesses, number of franchise lots available, total trees, and so on. You can also change the mayor message at the top of the screen to give your friends a new message in the game when they visit you. In the future, it would be nice if this structure expanded to hold even more data about your new city.

The City Factory

This new building allows you to produce premium goods, which yield more money from your businesses. At level thirteen, you’ll get the quest to build the factory. To construct this building you’ll need to collect ten pieces each of the robotic arm, lunch box, hardhat, safety goggles, and work uniform. Once you have the pieces you can construct the building and start producing premium goods for your city. You’ll notice a new bar at the top of your page on top of your goods bar, which is pink. This bar is your new premium goods. You can still fill your businesses with normal goods even if you don’t have premium goods. These new goods just offer a bit more money for your businesses. Click the factory and chose a factory job. You’ll need to have Facebook friends fill the job and then the goods will complete after some time. This building is a bit annoying since you need to send messages trying to get people to work in your factory.

Clerk’s Office


When the game was new, you could only name a business once and if you anted a new name, you were stuck with the one you had. With the new visitor center, you can now rename your business to what you want. Once you reach level twelve you’ll get a message to take a quests and once that is completed the structure is yours. You’ll need three inkpads, manila folders, marble, visor, and city seals to complete the structure. Once the structure is completed, you can rename your buildings by sending message to your Facebook friends for a signature. Once you get replies, you can then rename the building. It would be nice to rename from inside the building but the signatures give a bit of interactivity to the process but not everyone likes the idea.


Zynga continues to add new buildings that serve a function in your city. In the future we should see more such structures and improvements on existing ones. These buildings make nice additions to your city.


All Images from Cityville.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Cityville on Facebook.