Helpful Hints and Strategy Tips for the Cooking Dash Game - How to Improve your Time Management Game Play, Earn Bonuses and Achieve High Scores, Boost Customer Mood

Helpful Hints and Strategy Tips for the Cooking Dash Game -  How to Improve your Time Management Game Play, Earn Bonuses and Achieve High Scores, Boost Customer Mood
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About the Cooking Dash Game

Diner Dash waitress Flo needs to save the day again! In the Cooking Dash time management game, her Dinertown friends want to participate in a cooking reality show called “Super Chef.” To help them out, Flo and her grandma must work at their diners while they compete on the show.

How to Play

In each diner, Flo and her grandma work behind a counter to prepare food and serve. As customers arrive seat them at counter stools and wait for them to order. Customer orders appear as thought bubbles above their heads with the image of what they want.

Direct Flo to prepare food or drink items. A grill is available to cook meat and potato items. Grandma has her own station where she can make sandwiches. Follow the instructions for each type of item:

  • For grill items, select a raw piece of meat or potato. Click on the grill to place it inside. When it is done, you will hear a beeping sound and see a green indicator bar. If item is left in the grill too long, the indicator becomes red letting you know that the food is burned.
  • Sandwiches are prepared by grandma. Click on the appropriate sandwich and grandma will put it together for you and place it on a small counter next to her.
  • Drinks and desserts have their own stations. Click on the one you want and wait until the item appears.
  • Condiments (if applicable) can be added by clicking on them after food is prepared. They are located on a space near the countertop.

Cooking Dash game

Once the food or drink is prepared deliver them to the customer. After they are done eating collect the money and tips. This results in the customer leaving. Remove the dirty dishes and place them in the bin container.

Continue serving customers until the time in the current round ends. Successful completion of the goal points allows you to move to the next level. Your score is then displayed at the bottom of the screen.

In between rounds you can upgrade food preparation devices, improve Flo’s or grandma’s skills or add decorative items to the diner. Many of these items are useful for improving game performance and efficiency. There are also items available for improving a customer’s mood.

To win the Cooking Dash game you will need to complete all sections in five diners.

Game Strategy Tips and Hints

  • Try to seat and serve impatient customers first. They have a tendency to get angry quickly and will leave if not handled right away. These are the Cell Phone Addict, Tough Guy, Business Woman and Yoga Teacher.
  • Increase seated customer’s mood by serving them coffee. Improve the waiting customer’s mood by using the radio. These items work temporarily but can buy you some time to complete orders or prevent too many customers leaving at once.
  • The Bookworms, Kindly Senior and Young Lady are slow customers. Speed them up by adding hot sauce to their food.
  • Not all customers get along with each other. If possible, seat the Cell Phone Addict and Hippie Girl/Guy away from Bookworms, Business Women and Kindly Senior.
  • Students (guys with headphones) don’t care about other customers who make noise. You can seat them next to loud customers (like the Cell Phone Addict) without any problem.
  • Achieve higher scores in the Cooking Dash game by chaining actions. This is when you do two or more tasks at once. Flo can hold two items at once. For example, pick up two food items and deliver them to the customer.
  • Faster customer service always equals higher points and tips. Customers that are happy with your service will ask for a dessert. Desserts are great bonus point earners.