Dawn of Discovery Review

Dawn of Discovery Review
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Gameplay (3 out of 5)


_Dawn of Di_scovery’s vibrant 1500 century world is an alluring and engaging environment to immerse your senses in and allows you to explore a historical setting without the touchy political implications. A wonderful sensual extravaganza that entertains at every turn, amid a brilliantly crafted and gorgeously dressed world. Dawn of Discovery is one of the best looking worlds your going to see in the virtual universe; all the environments vibrate with visual life that engages your mind and senses in a dance of discovery that continues to entertain right to the end. The deep customization of Dawn of Discovery includes a complex assortment of goods to produce, and production lines to manage in real-time and hundreds of in-game achievements that keep you working at managing your empire. You can customize the size of the world, the number and size of islands in the game, starting balance and conditions, the victory conditions, and the number of AI.

However, the steep learning curve of Dawn of Discovery is going to scare a lot of casual gamers away from this rich adventure, but for RTS fanatics Dawn of Discovery is the best PC strategy game since Empire: Total War. To compound matters, the developer included a totally useless manual that should do a good job of scaring away permanently any casual gamers that had the guts to take a look at it.

The campaign of Dawn of Discovery tells an interesting and compelling tale of religious conflict and unlikely alliances between East and West that sends you across the water on a number of endless quests on behalf of other global powers. You sail across to unknown lands and set up new kingdoms, you work the land to produce goods to make your people grow and thrive, while building new ships to continue the process.

Graphics (4 out of 5)


Dawn of Discovery’s graphical look absolutely sparkles as you interact in this game, and it makes exploring and then managing empires you create an entertaining and immersive RTS experience that constantly fills you with energy at every turn. Sailing across blue waters fills you with the energy of the unknown as you head out into the unknown. The world seems to breathe; it’s so detailed and textured, moving smoke rises realistically into the air, workers till the fields, and the streets are full of nobles, peasants, laborers, beggars, worshippers, and rabble rousers interacting in their daily lives. The game ran beautifully, there were no slow downs at anytime while playing this game.

Sound Design (3 out of 5)

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The music score of Dawn of Discovery changes wonderfully with the action to create a sense of intimacy in the slower environments and epic action during the tense moments of life in the 15th century. The songs include gentle strumming sounds and lush orchestrated arrangements that set the tone and atmosphere of 15th century Europe well. The sound effects are outstanding and sound truly authentic as you listen to waves lap against the shore or the creaking of a boat as it rocks in the surf. The sounds of the merchants hawking their wares and commenting on their lives will make you think your standing in a European market.

Lasting Appeal (3 out of 5)

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Dawn of Discovery is an adventure that just keeps giving, you can play for hours and it just gets better the more you play. The linear single player campaign took me fourteen hours to complete, but the richly customizable continuous play mode is the best part. In this entertaining mode you can control almost every important variable of the game and chart your own course through the game, every aspects of this game works together to make sailing into the unknown to begin life again in a mysterious land truly immersive.

Dawn of Discovery Verdict (4 out of 5)


The best RTS title since Empire: Total War, Dawn of Discovery is recommended as the video game that your wife will want to throw away. Once you start playing this video game you don’t want to stop until you finish and that’s the way it should be.