Dawn of Discovery Achievements Guide

Dawn of Discovery Achievements Guide
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Dawn of Achievements

Dawn of Discovery isn’t the easiest game in the world, so it makes sense that the game provides some achievements that will reward your accomplishments. Some of the achievements can be achieved simply by renaming your ship, but others require that you win some of the game’s most complex scenarios. This article has a complete list of the achievements in Dawn of Discovery and breaks them down into categories so you know how to earn them.

Name Achievements

These are pretty simple. Rename one of your ships to the famous names below and you’ll receive an achievement.

  • Discovery

  • Galactica

  • Ghost Ship

  • Grampus

  • Heart of Gold

  • Hispaniola

  • Nautilus

  • Nostromo

  • Pequod

  • Red Five

  • USS Enterprise

  • U-96

You can also earn some achievements by renaming a town you own to one of the following names.

  • Basin City
  • BonanzaCreek
  • Gotham
  • Innsmouth

Date and Time Achievements

Dawn of Discovery will award achievements based on the date and time of your computer’s clock.

  • April 14th: Anno 1404 Fan achievement
  • March 15th: 1503 A.D. Fan achievement
  • February 16th: 1602 A.D. Fan achievement
  • January 17th: 1701 A.D. Fan achievement
  • Start a game between 3:00 to 05:00 a.m.: I Can’t Sleep achievement
  • Play the game on November 11th at 11:11 a.m.: Beginning of the Fifth Season achievement
    Play a game for 24 hours: The Perfectionist achievement

Economic Achievements

All of the following achievements are achieved through the use of trade ships or the construction of your city.

  • Risen from the ruins: Demolish 5,000 buildings

    Dawn of Discovery Achievements List

  • For the road ahead: Build 100 road sections

  • Save the forests! - Plant 10,000 trees

  • Because I can afford it - Build and then destroy an Imperial Cathedral

  • You should have a stroll here - Build 1,000 cobblestone road sections

  • Force of habit - Build 20 fisherman’s huts on a single island

  • The longest trading route in the world - Create a trade route with 25 trade points

  • More is always best! - Create 35 trade routes in one game

  • Unfailing logistics - Have 35 trade ships actively trading in one game

  • Itchy feet - Cover 250,000 nautical miles with your flagship in one game

  • You can go home now - Stop production at 500 buildings in one game

  • The busy little bee - Produce 500 tons of beeswax in one game

  • Turn the hose on! - Use over 50,000 tons of Noria water in one game

  • Dig deeper! - Spend over 100,000 gold pieces to regenerate resources

  • Out of sight, out of mind - Thrown 500 tons of goods overboard

  • How about tasting it? - Thrown 50 tons of sugar overboard

Military Achievements

All of these achievements involve military action in some way.

  • The sea is a cold mistress - Lose 500 ships to hostile forces
  • You blessed nuisance, will you live forever? - Lose 250 armies to hostile forces
  • Behold my works, ye mighty, and despair! - Have 1,000 buildings destroyed by hostile forces
  • I wanted to get rid of it anyway - Have 50 buildings seized by hostile forces
  • Ladykiller - Win against a female computer player 25 times
  • Femme Fatale - Win against a male computer player 25 times

Misc. Achievements

The following achievements don’t fit in any other category.

  • Smile Please - Take 500 screenshots
  • Greetings from the holidaymakers - Spend one hour in Postcard view
  • Where is this spy at again? - Spend two hours in close camera view
  • …and the market goes over there - Spend 10 hours in medium camera view
  • Has anybody seen my Ship? - Spend 20 hours in long camera view