Dawn of Discovery Citizen Buildings Guide

Dawn of Discovery Citizen Buildings Guide
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Welcome, Citizen

Once you’ve laid the foundation of your economy with your peasant buildings and advanced the needs of your peasants it will be time to start citizen level buildings. These are more expensive - much more expensive, actually - and balancing your resource production and your budget will challenge your growing skills at resource management.

The extra challenge has its rewards, however. Citizen level buildings are where the toolbox opens up in Dawn of Discovery. These buildings will give you access to your first ships, allow you to attack others and defend yourself, and give you some valuable resources which can be sold for a profit to your neighbors.

Hemp Plantation

  • Cost: 200 Gold 5 Wood 2 Tools
  • Upkeep: 20 Gold
  • Note: Needs 4 fields for 100% production. Fields cost 200 gold each

The hemp plantation is required to grow hemp which is then used by other production buildings to make rope and clothing. The hemp plantation becomes just as important as the cider farm once you reach a citizen level economy. Hemp plantations have a radius in which goods can be transported to product buildings by journeymen (which are free and dispatched by your buildings automatically) rather than market carts. It is important to make sure your production buildings which require hemp are build within that radius.

Weaver’s Hut

  • Cost: 200 Gold 5 Wood 3 Tools
  • Upkeep: 25 Gold

The weaver’s hut uses hemp and turns it into clothing for your citizens. These is a need which must be fulfilled for citizens and they’ll become happy if they go for long without. The clothing isn’t a very valuable trade good, so you shouldn’t build more than you need to cloth your population. Also, be sure to build these within the radius of a hemp plantation.

Stonemason’s Hut

  • Cost: 400 Gold 2 Wood 2 Tools
  • Upkeep: 20 Gold

The stonemason’s hut produces stone. This must be mined from a stone deposit. A stone deposit is indicated on the map by a cart full of stone. Stone is very important for many buildings, so getting a stonemason’s hut up quickly is important.

Cobblestone Street

Cost: 20 Gold 1 Stone

This rather expensive upgrade over the dirt road serves the same purpose but allows market carts to travel at twice the speed, increasing the speed and efficiency of your production. Cobblestone streets are important for areas where you have a lot of resource buildings but aren’t important in population centers.

Ore Mine

  • Cost: 900 Gold 12 Wood 2 Tools 2 Stone
  • Upkeep: 20

The ore mine is the only way to obtain ore. Like the stonemason’s hut it must be built near an ore deposit which is indicated by a cart full of stone. The ore is then processed by an iron smelter for use at various production buildings.

Charcoal Burner’s Hut

  • Cost: 250 Gold 3 Wood 2 Tools 2 Stone

    Charcoal Burner Huts should be built in remote areas

  • Upkeep: 10 Gold

The charcoal burner’s hut is used to produce charcoal which, along with ore, is used at an iron smelter to produce iron. Charcoal burners need to have access to trees in a radius around them, so like the lumberjack’s hut it is important that charcoal burner huts be built in relative isolation if you want them to operate at 100%.

Iron Smelter

  • Cost: 600 Gold 10 Wood 5 Tools 2 Stone
  • Upkeep: 20 Gold

The iron smelter consumes ore and charcoal and produces usable iron. It is an important production building because the resource it produces is used in the production of tools and weapons, two very important resources. Iron smelters should generally be built near other buildings in the production chain because it wil allow journeymen to deliver resources instead of market carts.

Toolmaker’s Workshop

  • Cost: 500 Gold 8 Wood 5 Tools 5 Stone
  • Upkeep: 30 Gold

The toolmaker’s workshop is an absolutely critical citizen level building because it allows you to produce your own tools. It requires iron from an iron smelter. Tools are one of the most expensive and essential trade goods in the game and without your toolmaker’s workshop you’ll be forced to spend a lot of money on tools in order to maintain your growth. So much, in fact, that it is almost impossible to make a profit without a toolmaker’s workshop. Set one of these up as quickly as possible.


  • Cost: 700 Gold 12 Wood 5 Tools
  • Upkeep: 40 Gold

The ropeyard turns hemp into rope. Rope is essential in the production of ships, so you’ll need to build one of these before you can get serious about making your own transports and warships. Also, rope is actually a rather profitable trade good. It is often beneficial to build one more ropeyard than you think you’ll need because you can sell any unused rope to your neighbors for a tidy profit. Remember to build ropeyards in range of a hemp plantation to take advantage of journeymen.

Small Shipyard

  • Cost: 680 Gold 10 Wood 5 Tools 4 Stone

    The Small Shipyard produces your first ships

  • Upkeep: 10 Gold

This is your first building which can build ships. As you might expect, it builds small transports and small warships. Ships are powerful and valuable, so it is important to build a shipyard soon. However, also remember that ships are expensive, so don’t bother building a shipyard unless you have the income needed to start dropping 2000 gold a pop on ships.

Harbour Master’s Office

  • Cost: 1580 Gold 3 Wood 5 Tools 14 Stone
  • Upkeep: 10 Gold

The harbour master’s office is used to help maintain efficient trade operations in your harbor. It is expensive to build, but the better operation of your harbor will pay back the cost of the building in time.

Small Storehouse

  • Cost: 1020 Gold 4 Wood 4 Tools 1 Stone
  • Upkeep: 15 Gold

The storehouse is used to store extra resources when your warehouse is full. It is important to build if you are harvesting more a resource than you can sell, or you’re saving up for a specific reason. But don’t build it unless you really need it, as it is rather expensive and doesn’t benefit you at all if you don’t have a resource which you need to stockpile.

Repair Crane

  • Cost: 1020 Gold 5 Wood 5 Tools 4 Stone
  • Upkeep: 20 Gold

The repair crane is essential if you intend to engage in warfare. It repairs you ships quickly so that they can be back on the line defending your islands or attacking hostile neighbors. Damaged ships are basically useless because of the huge speed reduction which applies, so the repair crane is a must-have during war.

Harbour Defense Tower

  • Cost: 1520 Gold 2 Wood 8 Tools 12 Stone
  • Upkeep: 30 Gold

The harbour defense tower is the first defense building which you’ll acquire. It is very useful for defending your harbor from direct attack. Enemie will typically take more pain from this than they can deal out and, combined with your ships, it is very effective as defense. Remember not to rely on this too heavily, however, because a harbour defense tower can’t do anything about an enemy blockade.

Carpenter’s House

  • Cost: 200 Gold 5 Wood 5 Tools
  • Upkeep: 30 Gold

The carpenter’s house is used to repair damaged buildings. Like the repair crane it isn’t always needed but it becomes invaluable once your buildings do take damage. It is the only building in the game which is capable of repairing buildings which have been damaged.

Fire Station

  • Cost: 1000 Gold 5 Wood 5 Tools

    Dawn of Discovery Guide: Should have built a firehouse!

  • Upkeep: 30 Gold

The fire station is an insurance policy. It isn’t required until there is a fire, in which case you’re screwed without one. It isn’t cheap, and its upkeep is on the expensive side as well. But do you really want to risk losing a significant portion of your island to fire?

Tournament Arena

  • Cost: 2000 Gold 10 Wood 10 Tools 40 Stone
  • Upkeep: 20 Gold

The tournament arena holds tournaments which are used to produce honor. Honor is used to purchase special items and attainments. It is an extremely expensive building, but it is also the only way to produce honor without completing tasks for neighbors. The value of this building will depend on exactly how much you care about attainments and special items for your ships and islands.


  • Cost: 2000 Gold 15 Wood 8 Tools 20 Stone
  • Upkeep: 30 Gold

Who would have guessed that a tavern would be so expensive? At any rate, the tavern is used to satisfy the need for entertainment. Like the chapel, the tavern has an effect radius similar to a marketplace. Houses in the radius will have their need fulfilled. Despite their expensive, taverns are basically a must-have because you won’t be able to advance your population to Patricians without them.

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