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Diner Dash 3: Flo On the Go

by: Avionne Akanbi ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Flo and Darla are finally set to go on a vacation boat cruise in Diner Dash 3. But they didn't expect to work a shift during their break ! Help Flo earn a some extra money so she can finally take a vacation that doesn't involve working !

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    Flo On the Go

    Diner3 Darla and Flo close their diners for one week to finally take a boat cruise vacation. Flo's suitcase has accidentally fallen in the water and the ship just so happened to be short staffed. What should be done? Flo will have to work on her vacation. It's not ideal but something has be done to get a refund on her ticket and make up for her suitcase loss. Darla has decided to help too. Flo will earn some trendy clothes from her work on the ship. You can help her try them on. Give her shorts, an apron and some sandals. By the time you get to level three, the last shift will continue to forget and leave dirty dishes to clean up. Can you clean all these tables before you begin to get a line up?

    They will also need to spiff up the restaurant. You will be serving tourists in the next level. They are patient in line, and one great thing about them is that they may use that time to take pictures. But once seated they are ready for speedy service. Flo must try to seat them in time. Once you have passed this level you can unlock more clothing for Flo to wear. Flo must now serve customers on a night time cruise. She will use a flashlight to get to the customers. This round is very tricky because you will have a combination of the tourist and the teen girls who will be talking on the phone, which you must spot with the flashlight. You will have to guide Flo through all of the mumbo jumbo.

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    Endless Shift Mode

    diner3a This is a shift that lasts forever. Well not quite. The shift will last as long as you can stand it. You will be helping Flo serve the customers as fast as you can. If customers get angry and leave then you lose points or stars. Once you get to the point where an upgrade button is flashing, you can speed up your tasks. You can choose from a radio, Oven Pro or a new Table. This will definitely help things before more customers arrive. As you choose more upgrades to increase Flo's speed, she also must clean up the spilled water by the families with the nearby mop. This is definitely a shift of endless surprises ! If you have proven your skill by chaining all the orders together, you can serve customers faster and not to mention seat more customers that are lined up. It's a challenge but someone has to do it. Once you add any of the other elements that are supposed to help you speed up, then you will be better able to deal with the noisy cell phone customers and crying babies in one quick sweep. To try Diner Dash 3 or Diner Dash Flo On the Go click on the following link.

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