Book Codes for Club Penguin

Book Codes for Club Penguin
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What is Club Penguin?

The virtual world of Club Penguin is a kid centered MMORPG (massively multi-player online role playing game) presented by Disney. Kids can sign up , with their parents permission and create their own penguin to play. Club Penguin offers both free and paid subscription accounts.

Age range for Club Penguin is between six and fourteen years old, with different levels of chatting in game allowed. The chat controls and privacy information can be set up and controlled by parents. You can learn more information about what this penguin play is all about through Underrated MMOs: Club Penguin - What is it, Why is it Popular?

Due to the different account types, some actions in game play are not open to those holding a free account. Here we are going to take a look at book codes for club penguin which is only available for paid subscription members to the site.

How to Enter Book Codes

Once a member is singed on to the Club Penguin site for game play, there is an option at the start page where members can unlock items by entering code information. Click on the button that says Unlock Items Online and you will be taken to another page that gives two button options of I Have a Book and I Have a Code. Click on the I Have a Book option button and a list will pop up underneath the tab that lists a series of books. Click on the book that you have a code for, enter that code and you will have unlocked special items that are associated with that book which you can use during game play. In the image to the left is a screen shot of what this page will look like once a penguin player is logged in.

There are several book codes for club penguin that will come up for each book in the list. The answers are based on the assumption that each penguin player has read each of the books listed that can be read at the top of the town’s coffee shop. The book codes themselves are really just answers to questions that are asked based on different pages of each book.

Codes for The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin Book


The first book that is listed for unlocking items is The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin. This book will show up at the left of the book list under the I Have a Book tab.

There are a total of twenty-six book codes for club penguin that are associated with this book. Each code to unlock is listed here based on the page number that will be asked about.

On the left the page number will be listed here and to be followed by the answer code that will need to be typed in. You can see a screen shot of what entering these book codes will look like in the image to the upper left.

Page 9 - Sometimes

Page 35 - Misses

Page 38 - Scavenger

Page 40 - Examples

Page 62 - Picture

Page 63 - How

Page 64 - Fishing

Page 65 - Storage

Page 73 - Search

Page 75 - Tossing

Page 77 - Buying

Page 101 - Donated

Page 117 - Jerseys

Page 118 - Squads

Page 140 - Breeze

Page 141 - Combined

Page 143 - Secret

Page 155 - Queen

Page 156 - Small

Page 169 - Start

Page 171 - Annual

Page 175 - Crown

Page 176 - Item

Page 179 - Penguins

Page 182 - Actions

Codes for Club Penguin’s Other Books

The next set of books in the list do not have such an extensive set of book codes as does the set for the ultimate guide book. The following list rounds up all of the club penguin book codes and are currently available through the I Have a Book tab on the Unlock Items Online.


Club Penguin Stowaway

Page 6 - Mysterious

Page 7 - Rockhopper

Page 21 - Migrator

Page 25 - Yarr

Page 40 - Waterfall

Page 52 - Deck

Page 80 - Penguin

Page 177 - Puffle

The Inventor’s Apprentice


Page 5, line 10 - Good

Page 5, line 3 - Board

Page 6, line 17 - Plans

Page 6, line 14 - Extreme

Page 7, line 12 - Find

Page 7, line 17 - Where

Page 8, line 4 - Round

Secret Agent Handbook


Page 5, line 9 - Give

Page 5, line 5 - Fashions

Page 5, line 18 - Decides

Page 5, line 2 - Matter

Star Reporter


Page 6, line 5 - Printed

Page 7, line 12 - Staff

Page 5, line 7 - Inside

The Great Puffle Switch


Page 8, line 8 - Realize

Page 11, line 2 - Notice

Page 73, line 11 - Lurches

Page 61, line 9 - Bouncing

Page 76, line 13 - Nervous

Page 9, line 12 - Workshop

Page 18, line 3 - Inside

Page 42, line 16 - Four

Page 56, line 18 - Possible

Page 52, line 17 - Mission

Page 26, line 8 - Great

Page 43, line 5 - Snowballs

Page 76, line 8 - Will

Page 33, line 18 - Puffle

Official Stage Playbook


Page 3, line 14 - Flipper

Page 3, line 12 - Acting

Page 3, line 3 - Bright

Page 3, line 5 - Show

Once these book codes for club penguin are entered they cannot be used again to unlock more items. So, using all the club penguin book codes at once may shorten some game unlocking enjoyment. The majority of items that become unlocked are sacks of coins ranging from fifteen hundred up to over two thousand. Other items that can be unlocked include housing items, pet items and penguin costumes.

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