Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Card Codes

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Card Codes
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What is Card-Jitsu?

In Disney’s Club Penguin island world, one of the most popular games is called card-jitsu. To get to the game, player’s first have to travel to the Dojo and speak with the Sensi there. The Sensi will welcome you to the art of becoming a ninja and will inform you that to become a ninja you must be skilled at playing card-jitsu. This game can be enhanced during play through the use of club penguin card-jitsu card codes, which will be listed in another section of this article.

This game is an elemental card game that has to be played by two penguins at the same time. The goal of the game is to win a certain number of rounds and earn a series of colored belts until you obtain the black belt. After players earn their black belt through card-jitsu they are then considered ninjas and can battle in card-jitsu games with other ninjas at the Ninja Hideout or battle in the secret Volcano Room.

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Playing Card-Jitsu

There are two ways to go about playing card-jitsu. One is to walk onto a blue mat in the Dojo and click on it to play. The second way is to talk to Sensi, who will ask you if you want to play card-jitsu. By talking to the Sensi, players can select the Competition Mode of play and it is in this way where penguins will gain more points to earn the colored belts.

Once in game play, each penguin will have a set of cards. The cards are in different colors that correspondence with the belts. The higher up on the chain of colored belts as the card color the more power that card will have during game play. Each card also has a number that ranks it in the deck by the element of that card. The card elements are Water, Snow and Fire.

To start playing choose one of your cards and it will then be the next players turn. If their card is of a lower number and color then you have a higher chance of wining the round. The main component to which card will win in each round is based on the element of that card.

  • Snow beats Water
  • Water beats Fire
  • Fire beats Snow

If both penguin players pull the same element, then the winning choice will be based on which card has a higher rank in color and

Card-Jitsu Instructions

number. In the image to the right, the Sensi explains how to pull the instructions back up during game play for a quick reference. Click on the image to get a better view.

Each player comes with a starter set of card-jitsu cards. In order to unlock special cards for the online game, players will need to collect club penguin card-jitsu card codes.

Card-Jitsu Card Codes

Card-Jitsu Trading Packs

An excellent development tool was created by Club Penguin when it introduced the card codes. The card-jitsu game is not only an online game but is also a table top trading card game, where fans of the game can use their trading card extras when play the game online. This means that the club penguin card-jitsu card codes can only be gotten on special cards that come from the packs of trading cards. The codes that are printed on the trading cards have a one use value and cannot be listed or shared if they have been entered into the card-jitsu system online.

Trading card packs can be purchased for shipping at various online sources, such as Amazon and ToyWiz. Storefronts that carry the card packs for purchase include Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

Entering the club penguin card-jitsu card codes that you may find in these card packs can allow you to add to your online card playing collection. The codes will unlock special cards for game play that cannot be gotten any other way.

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