How Do You Download Club Penguin Money Maker?

How Do You Download Club Penguin Money Maker?
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Warnings About This Program

Club Penguin moderators will go out of their way to ban people they find using hacks, even though some are less harmful than others. Club Penguin Money maker lets players edit the amount of money their character has outside of game.

Users can download the program from a number of places. In order to avoid a Trojans and Viruses, a person may have to pay a fee, although Club Penguin HQ has these programs available for free. Penguin Storm, a different hack for the popular online game, performs the same function.

Keep in mind that even if you do know how to download and get Club Penguin Money Maker, it is not necessarily a good idea to use it. The moderators discourage the use of such programs.

How Do You Download Club Penguin Money Maker

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Club Penguin HQ offers many utilities for players wishing to avoid the inanity of playing the in-game mini-games to earn extra moneys. In order to get the Money Maker program, assuming it is still working, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Type in into your web browser’s navigation box
  2. When the sites load, click on the downloads area
  3. Click on save program or run if prompted. The security warning are annoying, but necessary
  4. Find the zipped folder that you downloaded onto the hard drive. This is usually the downloads folder or the desktop depending on the person’s computer settings.
  5. Unzip the Money Maker folder into the directory.
  6. Run the setup.exe file.
  7. Agree to any terms and click next when the wizard starts
  8. Click finish when the installation program ends.
  9. Go into your start menu and run the Club Penguin Money Maker

How to Download Club Penguin Money Maker – Where to Get It

Club Penguin Bonus Coins

Because the Club Penguin Money Maker alters the way Club Penguin operates, a player should exercise caution when downloading it. Legitimate reasons to use hacks exist, but with the exception of the no CD hacks, most of the programs exist to cheat in-game rather than remove an unnecessary annoyance. Because these programs exist on the edges of legality, many unscrupulous individuals put viruses, Trojans, and spy ware, and other malicious code in them.

Club Penguin Money Maker 2 and Penguin Storm

This picture has absoultely nothing to do with Club Penguin

If the directions that tell you how to download Club Penguin Money Maker did not work as intended, or if you would rather not use the program, you do have another option. Club Penguin: Penguin Storm offers an extended array of options and additional edits for a player. Knowing how to download Club Penguin Money Maker of Penguin Storm may give you an edge in-game, but the use of either program will not endear you to the moderators.

The sequel, Money Maker 2 is available on the same website and fixes many bugs in the original program.