Best Techniques for DJ Hero Gameplay, Earning Points and Scoring High

Getting Started

Getting started: The DJ Hero interface

Your DJ Hero turntable has two sides. The left side holds the crossfader, Euphoria button and effects while the right side holds a spinning turntable with three buttons for the stream. At the top left side, players hook the Nintendo Wii remote to the DJ turntable for instant connectivity.

Take the Training Sessions First

If this is your first time for DJ Hero gameplay, consider working through the training modules on the game. A DJ will coach you through getting started and learning the ropes. These will teach you how to hit the buttons at the right time and crossfade, which is more complicated than it looks.

Improve Your Performance

Your DJ Hero coach won’t sugar coat your results. As you train, he’ll explain to you where your strengths and weaknesses lie, which training sessions you should consider retrying and how to perfect your skills. It’s not as automated as you might think. The training is actually fairly personalized, and uses real clips of songs so you get used to the feel of the game. The best part is, the learning curve for DJ Hero is not steep. While it might take some coordination practice, you’ll get the hang of it fairly soon.

Playing DJ Hero Songs

When you first begin DJ Hero, you only have one or two playing venues and a few unlocked songs available to you. As you earn more points, more venues and songs will unlock. Right now, your goal is to hit the buttons as accurately as possible when they come on the screen.

Scratching the Turntable

There are several DJ Hero tricks you should get used to. The first is scratching. Since the DJ Hero turntable rotates, you can scratch

Jagged tracks represent crossfading

it back and forth by holding onto on of the green, red or blue stream buttons and circling the turntable in both directions quickly. The trick is to start scratching as soon as the scratch queue comes on the screen and end the minute it stops – or you’ll miss points opportunities for getting too carried away.


Crossfading is a more advanced technique. Your first few songs will not have any crossfading in them. But as you progress, the songs will get progressively harder along with you. Using the crossfade bar on the left, you will have to switch between left, center and right streams at the exact time – pushing buttons and scratching at the same time. You’ll know if you aren’t doing it right, because the stream will go fuzzy on the TV and the sound will drop out in a realistic fade.

Earning More Points

Half the point of DJ Hero gameplay is to score, score, score. The best way to do that is to improve your accuracy.

Hot Starts and Streaks

50 hit streaks earn high points

The easiest DJ Hero gameplay scoring method is called the "Hot Start." If you can punch the first 10 moves – whether they be buttons, scratching or crossfading – perfectly, you’ll get extra points. You’ll also earn more points if you score a 50 hit streak and a 100 hit streak perfectly at any time during the song.


Euphoria helps you earn more points as well. When you see each stream turn blue, you want to make sure you really punch the table perfectly. If you make it through this stretch, you’ll earn Euphoria, which you can use by pressing the Euphoria button on the left of the turntable. If you reach a stretch of difficult crossfading, Euphoria is ideal because it will automatically crossfade for you. That leaves your eyes available to work on the buttons and scratching – instead of costing you points like crossfading tends to do.

DJ Hero Gameplay Prizes

Proficient players earn goodies for being good disc jockeys. The more high scores and stars you earn during DJ Hero gameplay, the more song packs, venues, fancy turntables and DJ characters you’ll unlock.

Switch DJ Characters

DJ Heros most sought after prizes are the Daft Punk song pack and Daft Punk DJ’s. You’ll get to play in Daft Punk’s shoes,

Switch DJ characters

change their outfits, switch out turntables and play at places like Times Square.

Make Playlists

Once you open enough song packs, you’ll have plenty of songs to choose from. But ordinarily, you’d have to play them all in the order you see on the screen. However, you can also make playlists during DJ Hero gameplay. Choose and reorder up to eight DJ Hero song mixes of your choice. You may choose only from songs you’ve unlocked.

Continuing DJ Hero Gameplay After Unlocking All Prizes

You can still keep competing against yourself even after unlocking DJ’s and venues. Each time you play, you get the opportunity to beat your high score. Also, since this is a one player game, you can switch off DJ-ing duties with another player and compete against each other.

Score High with Crossfading

You’ll probably have the most trouble with crossfading, so go back over songs that have a lot of crossfading in them to perfect your style. Crossfading perfectly adds thousands of points to your overall score, so this is a skill worth practicing.

All in all, DJ Hero gameplay is a coordination workout for any player. But as with any skill, practice makes perfect. So hit the tables and give yourself an excuse to have fun and hone your hand/eye coordination at the same time!