Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Unlockables and Hints

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Unlockables and Hints
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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is a fighting game released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Based on the popular Anime/Manga series, the game boasts exceptional manga-styled visuals. It was released for the PlayStation 3 platform by Atari US on June 10, 2008. The DBZ series of video games is known for its large ambient fight sequences and pyrotechnics and is at par Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter series of video games in terms of popularity.

The game focuses on combat elements and has a very lengthy storyline. In each story sequence, Burst Limit allows gamers to fight against various popular characters and unlock variety of DBZ characters. Items and abilities . As a DBZ fan, you might also be interested in unlocking content_,_ but if you are looking for quick shortcuts, we recommend some of the best Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit unlockables.

How to Unlock Difficulty Settings in Burst Limit?

Unlocking difficult settings is quiet easy. The game boasts four difficulty settings: Normal, Hard, Very Hard and the Hardest, known as Z:

  • To unlock Hard and Very Hard difficulty settings gamers have to complete Z chronicles on the Normal difficulty setting

  • To unlock the Z setting players have to complete the Z chronicles on Very Hard difficulty setting.

Unlockable Goodies

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Cheats and Unlockables

You can unlock some exclusive content and interesting goodies by completing these story sequences:

  • Complete Frieza’s Saga to view the first movie

  • Finish Cell’s Saga story sequence to view the second movie

  • Beat Broly’s story sequence to view exclusive credits

Unlockable Characters in Burst Limit

Most Dragon Ball Z games have plenty of characters and Burst Limit is certainly one of them. There are loads of unlockable Dragon Ball Z characters. To unlock your favorites, all you need to do is complete some key chapters

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throughout a particular story sequence.

Unlockable Characters in Saiyan’s Saga:

Here is a list of characters, which can be unlocked by playing through the Saiyan’s story sequence. You can unlock characters only after completing a particular chapter:

1. Raditz: Finish Chapter 1 to unlock this character

2. Saibamen: Beat Chapter 3 to unlock Saibamen

3. Nappa: Finishing Chapter 5 allows you to unlock this Dragon Ball Z character

4. Kaioken Goku: Beat Chapter 7 to unlock this DBZ character

Unlockable Characters in Cell’s Saga:

You can unlock your favorite characters through Cell’s story sequence. Finishing certain chapters helps you to unlock any character:

1. Android 18 and Super Saiyan Vegeta can be unlocked if you finish Chapter 2

2. Unlock Piccolo Fuse and Imperfect Cell by completing Chapter 4.

3. Trunks and Super Saiyan Trunks can be unlocked by finishing Chapter 7.

4. Teen Gohan can be unlocked after you complete chapter 1 of Cell’s Saga.

5. To unlock Android 17 finish Chapter 3.

6. Unlock Perfect Cell by completing Chapter 12.

7. Beat Chapter 6 to unlock Semi-Perfect cell.

8. Finish Chapter 18 to unlock Super Perfect Cell.

9. Complete Chapter 13 to unlock Super Trunks.

10. To unlock Super Saiyan II Gohan finish Chapter 19.

11. Finish Chapter 10 to unlock Super Vegeta.

Unlocking Characters in Frieza’s Saga

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Here are some more interesting characters that can be unlocked by completing all chapters of the Frieza story sequence:

1. Finish Chapter 8 in Frieza’s Saga to unlock Frieza (1st Form):

2. Beat Chapter 9 to unlock Frieza second form

3. Finish Chapter 12 to unlock Frieza (3rd Form):

4. Beat Chapter 14 to unlock Frieza’s final form

5. To unlock Frieza (Final Form 2) and Super Saiyan Goku, beat Chapter 16

6. Complete Chapter 4 to unlock Captain Ginyu.

7. Beat Chapter 1 to unlock Ricoome

8. Complete Chapter 11 to unlock Piccolo Sync

Other unlockable characters in Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit:

  • You can also unlock Broly and Bardock by completing the first chapter of their respective story sequences.

Those were some of the best Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit unlockables. You can also check out free online Dragon Ball Z games if you are fond of playing Dragon Ball Z games on the Internet.