Empires and Allies Game Guide - Combat and City Building on Facebook

Empires and Allies Game Guide - Combat and City Building on Facebook
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Empires and Allies Guide -Early Moves

In Empires and Allies, you’ll be building a city, army, and collecting resources. The first thing you’ll want to do is raise your population levels with a few homes. If you hit your population limit, you’ll need to build the parliament building in your city. Government structures are expensive but they give you more room for your population. Once you have a few homes and a parliament you can start on your economy. Do the early quests which will teach you more about this great game. Cut down some of the trees around you since they give you extra wood which is one of the key resources in the game.


Empires and Allies

In the game, you’ll need food, wood, ore, and oil which are your four main resources. Food gives you extra income so start with two or three farms. Each crop yields more cash but start with corn or watermelon because they are inexpensive and you need all the cash you can get when you start. Build some lumber mills and choose the option for 100 coins. You’ll need wood to construct the building in the game, especially the government structures which use plenty of wood. Make four or five lumber mills when you can afford it. Oil is another vital resource and you need this to develop your military units. Build as many oil factories as you can and choose the option for 100 coins to start. Ore mines produce aluminum, which you’ll use to build advanced military units. You won’t need as much in the beginning but build two or three to get your production running smoothly. When you battle NPCs and other Facebook players, you’ll collect other specialized resources for unit building. Keep building resources structures when you have free cash you’ll need plenty of them in your city for your army.

Military Units

Empires and Allies

The game features land, air, and naval units. Start by building two or three barracks and begin cranking out land units once you have enough oil production. Infantry, artillery and tanks will be your first units. As you play, you’ll get new upgraded units for your army. Military structures have three different levels for a wide variety of different units. Each unit has strengths against each of the three unit types. So for example, the infantry unit is better against artillery, aircraft carriers and airships. Try to have a good mix of units so you can counter what you’ll face during battle. You’ll need coins and oil to product beginning units but the cadet soldiers and cannon artillery just take coins. Once the unit is ready, place it in your city or click the red x to place it in your inventory.

Energy System

The game uses the energy system for tasks such as collecting coins and building structures. During battle you’ll also use energy so be sure to have plenty before you go into battle. If you run out of energy during battle pause your battle and come back to it once your energy reserves are back to normal. Ask friends for energy packs if you are running low in the game. If you spend game cash, you can buy energy with empire points the game’s currency. Over time, your energy will replenish itself with one tick every five minutes.


Fighting is the best part of this new game and you have a campaign to play against NPC characters. On the game map just click on a character to begin battle. You’ll need to complete quests to unlock the other characters so just start at the beginning island. Fighting the NPCs in the game is a great way to gain tons of cash and special resources for your advanced army units. The combat is a rock, paper scissors format, so just look at the units and pick ones from your unit deck that will counter them. To invade Facebook friends click on the invade button under their name and start your attack. If you don’t want to participate in PvP, action you should build an embassy, and hire some friends, to add game time until you’re open for attack again. Playing PvP however is a great way to level up in the game and make yourself quick cash, plus it’s fun too. You’ll gain infamy points when attacking and earn special offensive powerups to improve your attack. If you decide just to visit your friends and help their cities, you’ll earn defensive powerups. If you are visiting a friend and notice the red attack icon on their screen, you can choose to help out and repel the invasion.

Game Play Tips

  • Build a wide variety of units to counter attacks successful and beat the campaign NPCs.
  • Build plenty of farms, lumber mills, ore mines, and oil wells for a solid economy. Farms are your main source of cash in the game.
  • Don’t be afraid to invade your friends, you’ll gain tons of experience and special resources for higher unit upgrades.
  • Use the embassy if you don’t want to participate in PVP, or are just rebuilding your army.
  • Work towards level two and three of your rescource buildings for higher output.
  • Build several military structures of each type.
  • Click the x button to move your military units into storage if your island doesn’t have enough room for them or you want to build something else.

Basic Empire and Allies Guide

This guide will get you up and running with Empire and Allies. Look for a more detailed miliary unit guide to come soon. Be sure to work on your economy in the game since it’s key to your success.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Empires and Allies on Facebook.