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Facebook Games: Social Empires Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Social Empires is a Facebook empire building game. Players construct a village, mine resources and build armies.

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    Social Empires Basics

    Social Empires Social Empires is very much like the old Age of Empires series of games. Players start with a town center and can produce villagers by using food. Farms can be constructed and other resources can be collected to help the town grow. The town can have defenses in the form of towers and walls. Players can develop armies from their barracks and battle trolls on the map. Simple quests can be done for gold rewards and soon the game will give players the ability to battle other Facebook users too.

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    Game Economy

    Social Empires Social Empires gives you several resources to collect. You have wood, stone, food and gold available for your growing village. Food can be collected by using farms or collecting sheep and cows. Food production is by far the most important later on as you need it to build military units and especially villagers. More food can be collected by building mills. Wood can be cut from the trees scattered around the map and later a lumber mill can give more wood. Both stone and gold can be mined from the resources on the map and later have mines built that give a steady stream of resources. Be sure to add villagers to mines to get the output you need.

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    Military Units

    The game has a few basic units including spearmen, archers and cavalry units. As you develop your village swordsmen, knights, and heavy archers become available. You’ll need barracks, archery ranges, and stables to produce each unit in the game. Currently you can attack trolls and troll camps on the game map but this is supposed to change soon so you can battle other Facebook users on a world map as well which would be a lot of fun. You can also build towers and at later levels surround your base with walls and even have a castle.

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    With game cash you can build wonders on the game map which give you a large quantity of resources for your empire. You have things such as the Chinese wall, Inca god, pyramids, Sphinx and so on. For example the Inca god gives you 600 food every six hours.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Overall Social Empires is a nice looking game that shows enormous potential. The graphics are decent for a Facebook game and you can zoom in and out of the map for a better view. The only complaint is that the resources as a bit too far apart. The game has a nice soundtrack and the whole things loads quickly into your browser. At a full zoom you can get a nice bit of detail to the game and it's a nice a nice change from farming, city building or text based RPG games on Facebook. While there’s nothing groundbreaking here the game is worth playing. Look for a full Social Empires guide coming soon.

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