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Facebook Games: Social Empires Game Guide

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Social Empires is a Facebook empire building game. Build a town, create an army and collect resources. Battle Trolls on the game map and eventually other players.

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    Social Empires – Resource Collection

    Social Empires From your town center you can train villagers to help with your resource collection. One of the first resources you will need is food. To make basic food you can build a farm. Your villagers will work farms until all your wood is exhausted so use a villager or two to start chopping down trees around your village. You can move villagers to the grey areas but you can’t build there until you get an expansion. Use villagers to mine for stone and gold which can be found in small piles around your town.

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    Advanced Resource Collection

    You can also collect resources a couple of different way. First of all you have several animals around the map and build the appropriate animal pen will allow you to harvest those animals. Once you have the pen take a villager near the animal and the villager will capture the animal which will move towards your pen to be used. Once you have used the animal you’ll need to collect more of them. They appear periodically around the game map. You can also get resources through mines and mills. These structures will produce larger amounts of resources slowly over time. You’ll need to send a villager to the structure once it’s created to make it work and the lower buildings allow for two villagers. Once you reach higher levels you can sell these structures and build upgrades which will produce more resources.

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    City Defense

    Your city can be surrounded by towers and light defenses. Once you reach higher levels you can build full walls complete with a gate and even a castle. Towers can be further upgraded for more protection once you reach higher levels and the castles will allow for some elite units to be trained such as the elite swordsman and elite knight. Occasionally buildings such as a tower might catch on fire so move a villager near the structure to put out the fire.

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    Military Units

    Social Empires features several different military units. You’ll need a few structures to build them and population space from your houses. Spearmen require barracks, archers require an archery range, and cavalry require a stable. Once you have those structures you can make the basic units. Once you level up you can build upgraded military structures which allow for swordsmen, long swordsmen, medium, archer, heavy archer, medium knight, heavy knight, catapults, rams, and cannons.

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    On the map currently you’ll find a troll camp and troll patrols you can attack. Soon the game will give you the ability to attack other Facebook users. It is east to select your units and move them where you want them to go. It’s a good idea to have some military units follow your villagers as they collect resources around the map.

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    Expansions and Facebook Friends

    Social Empires You can expand your land with game cash or having Facebook friends. You can collect in the grey areas on the map but you can’t build there without expansions. Click on the for sale sign to buy the property and begin expanding. Your first upgrade will cost you 5000 coins or 20 game cash. You can send your Facebook friends gifts such as military units and animals to use for food. The game could use some more gifts but what you have now is fine for a new game.

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    Quests and Wonders

    Click on the king icon to do quests. The quests in the game are simple such as building a structure of defeating some trolls on the game map. You will be rewarded with some gold for completing quests. Click on the information button on the quest if you don’t understand it. You can build wonders on the game map with game cash which will give you additional resources for your growing empire. With fifteen cash you could build the coliseum which would give you 450 gold every six hours which is a huge boost to your city. Gold is needed to build military units and the extra gold could help you make a large army quickly in the game.

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    Coming Soon Features and Conclusion

    Soon the game will have rewards and trophies added and the ability to battle other Facebook users. You can only attack trolls on the map right now and the troll base. Social Empires is very much like a stripped down Age of Empires style game. Hopefully soon the ability to battle other Facebook users will be added to the game which will improve the game play.

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