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Facebook Games: The Burbs Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The Burbs is a Facebook city building game. Construct homes, businesses and use decorations as you build up your city in The Burbs.

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    The Burbs Game Basics

    The Burbs The Burbs is your average city building game. Players construct homes for their citizens and use businesses buildings to make money in the game. There are also several community buildings available such as parks and playgrounds in the game. Decorative items such as shrubs, flowers and tress help the player make a nice looking city. Roads can be added to the city for free.

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    The Burbs Structures

    The Burbs The Burbs has several different resident structures including regular homes and some apartment complexes but overall the selection is rather limited. The game features a bunch of different businesses that will help you earn coins in the game such as a radio station, bakery, and bowling alley. Community buildings include the swimming pool, police station, tennis court, and bus stop. The game has some featured buildings which are limited or cost game cash only such as holiday themes. You can add trees, water tiles, shrubs and other decorations to your growing city for your own look and feel.

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    Business Items

    One nice feature of The Burbs is that each business can produce goods for you to sell for game coins. So for example with a Coffee house you can make coffee, muffins, donuts, and exotic teas. A bank gives you loans, checking account, or a savings account. Each one of these business items will produce a certain number of coins for your city and allow you to build new structures in the game. The way the business items are set up is nice because each structure has its own unique items you can make for coins. You can also make larger amounts of cash by having community buildings.

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    Overall Game Play

    While The Burbs does offer some nice items to build for your businesses the game itself is a very slow moving city builder. It can take considerable time to even get a very small city going. Coins in the beginning stages of the game come in at a very slow pace and this makes playing the game a chore. Most business buildings are quite expensive and its difficult to get enough of them early on to make a difference in your income levels. Adding population with residences is a little easier but the choices in the beginning are too limited and you end up with a clone style city where every building is the same. The game itself is worth playing but may turn off early players due to the frustration of not being able to make a nice enough city to continue playing the game. Other city builders on Facebook make early city building easy and then keep users in the game by always adding new and fresh content.

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    The Burbs ends up being an average city builder due to the slow pace of the game which will turn off many players. If you want a slow city builder then The Burbs might be your thing. The game does have quite a few nice items and the ability to make different items at each business for coins is a nice touch. The Burbs however has a long way to go before it can match a game such as Social City or CityVille on Facebook.