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Facebook RPGs: Chronicles of Herenvale Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Chronicles of Herenvale is a Facebook RPG style game. Complete missions and earn experience and coins. Battle other players and buy new weapons and equipment for your character.

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    Chronicles of Herenvale Basics

    Chronicles of Herenvale  Chronicles of Herenvale is your typical Facebook text and graphics based RPG. Players complete a series of quests that are accessed from the game map in order. After a quest is completed the player receives coins, and experience. As the player completes quests more of them unlock. Players can play head to head against other Facebook game users in battles; they can buy items in the marketplace, and take part in raid style battles. Skills ar earned and applied to the player’s profile page.

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    Chronicles of Herenvale Like many Facebook PRG games Chronicles of Herenvale provides the player with the ability to do mission to earn coins and experience. These missions are found on the game map and will play out in order as they develop their character. Missions earn coins and experience points. Players cannot go back and do missions over that they have already completed they must play them in order. Overall the missions are good but the text based nature of them leads to a stale game since many Facebook RPGs are now adding animated graphics to their games.

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    Player Profile

    The standard player profile can be found in Chronicles of Herenvale where statistics can be assigned points to make the player more powerful. Points are earned as the player levels up their character and can be applied to their character profile page. Many players will choose energy as the first statistic to upgrade since this will allow for the completions of more missions in the game. Strength, speed, knowledge and fortitude are some of the other skills that the player can train for their character. There’s nothing new here it’s the same standard player levelling found in many other Facebook RPG games.

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    In the market new weapons and armor are purchased. Players can choose from an assortment of weapons including swords, axes, and war hammers. Many of the weapons and armor pieces require game cash called platinum to purchase. The market is quite disappointing with only a limited selection of equipment for the player. It would be nice to see a more robust selection here which would add to the game play of Chronicles of Herenvale. There’s nothing new here it’s the same standard player levelling found in many other Facebook RPG games.

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    Chronicles of Herenvale Chronicles of Herenvale offers a battle system where players can compete against others in the game. The battle system is very weak and not very entertaining. You will get a picture of your character and a health bar which will decrease as you take hits. It’s not much fun to battle and it grows tiresome in short order. Some animated graphics or other additions would improve this feature of the game. With Facebook friends as allies you’ll increase your chances of winning battles against other players in the game. Players can also team together and go on raids against powerful NPC enemies too.

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    Graphics and Sound

    Chronicles of Herenvale Chronicles of Herenvale has text and limited graphics game play. There is a nice map of the misisons you take in the game but no sound which is disappointing. There's far better RPG game son Facebook for graphics such as Crime City. Added graphics or some sound would make this a better game

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    Game Interface

    The game offers the standard Facebook RPG interface with the main tabs at the top of the game. Use these to get mssions, train your player, visit the market, go on raids, and battle other Facebook players in the game. The interface is east to use and you won't have a problem with it. Get friends playing the game by using the allies button on the interface.

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    Game Play and Conclusion

    A few years a go on Facebook this would be a great game but with the many Facebook RPG games that are adding in animated graphics, sounds and more standard game features Chronicles of Herenvale fails to deliver a great gaming experience. Its not a bad game but the lack of graphics and sound hurts the replay value of the title. You can equip different weapons and amore so there is some customizing but there could be a lot more options to the game. Chronicles of Herenvale is recommended only if you must play another Facebook RPG but you’re netter off finding a batter game to play on the site. Be sure to check the games home page periodically to see what has been added to the game. Occasionally you'll find deals on special loot tems that go on sale.