Control Your Own Wild West Town: Review of Facebook's Fun Building Game

Control Your Own Wild West Town: Review of Facebook's Fun Building Game
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Basics (4 out of 5)

While Wild West Town is very similar to the Zynga game Frontierville, it has a nice addition that makes it unique. In the game, your task is to clear land and build a Wild West Town. The game is very story driven with multiple characters that will show up via a train and get you to perform tasks to complete your little town. Each visitor to your town will give you quests you need to complete. These quests can involve such tasks as clearing land, growing crops, or building a structure. Once you complete a task, more people will arrive in your town with a job for you. Many building also have uses such as the water tower that produces water and the oilrig that gives you oil.

Farming (3 out of 5)

Wild West Town

Wild West Town has a farming element to it. You can plant and grow a variety of crops on your land to make money. You’ll first need to clear shrubs, rocks, cactus, and other debris out of the way, so you’ll have clear land for your crops. Each one of your crops will take a specific amount of game time to complete before it is ready for harvesting. This process is similar to the game such as Farmville.

Structures (4 out of 5)

Wild West Town has a number of different structures that are functional. For example, the cookhouse allows you to take crops and combine them together to form different rewards. If you made a light breakfast in the cookhouse this would water all your dry crops. The water well provides water for your town while the oilrig gives you oil. Other structures produce their own items as well.

Animals (4 out of 5)

In your town, you can raise animals such as chickens, dogs, sheep, cows and others. They will start as babies but grow into adults. Animals produce coins and experience for you once they are fed. Some animals will provide you extra energy too which is sued to perform tasks on your farm such as clearing land and harvesting crops.

Decorations (3 out of 5)

Like many Facebook games, decorations are available for your town. You’ll find carts, wagons, weathervane, doghouse, crates, barrels and other Wild West themed decorative items. Colored landscape titles and flowers can add to the look of your town too. Overall, the options are nice but more options would make the game better.

Quests (5 out of 5)

Wild West Town

The best part of Wild West Town is it has story driven quests; Visitors will arrive via train and give you a part of their story. You’ll get quests from your visitors to help you build up your town and learn more about he game. These quests are ongoing and they add to the game a great deal. Quests aren’t random and all over the place like other Facebook games.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

While Wild West Town doesn’t offer anything new in terms of standard game play the story driven quests make for a nice game experience. The game does need a few more options for crops, buildings, and decorations before it can stand against some of the larger titles in this genre but overall the game is fun. If you have played Frontierville this game will feel the same to you.

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

Wild West Town

The game has nice clear graphics and they look good for a Facebook game. The game seems to load quickly and perform well. There’s a nice Western Soundtrack and overall the sound effects in the game are good. Avatars also have different faces and clothing that you can change in the game from your ranch house.

Interface (4 out of 5)

Wild West Town has an interface that is similar to many Facebook games. At the bottom, you’ll find the main icon tabs to access the game store and the pointer features such as move, rotate, or put in your inventory. There’s an inventory bag and a tool for digging. The quests tab can be found just above the main icons. The top of the page indicated your level, amount of gold, energy, and resources you currently own.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Wild West Twon may not be as full featured as some other Facebook games but it is still good. The quest story system makes the game fun to play. There’s already some nice structures and decorations in the game. If the developers continue to support the quests system and add more content this could become a very good title on Facebook.


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Source: Article is author’s own experience playing Wild West Town on Facebook.