Doomsday Defense Review: Tower style Facebook games

Doomsday Defense Review: Tower style Facebook games
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Doomsday Defense Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Doomsday Defense is a tower defense game. Your task is to build towers to keep the enemy out. You have many different towers to choose from in the game. Blueprints are available to unlock the various towers in the game. Collect loot items from destroyed enemies as you fight through the various waves in the game. Take part in numerous quests for rewards such as resources or gold and buy items in the game store like a resource pack. Upgrade your castle to higher levels and mine iron, stone, and crystal. Recruit your own army to go against your enemies towers in the soul tower. Use the academy to upgrade technology to become more powerful. Use workers to repair and upgrade different building such as your castle and towers. The game world features many different map areas you can fight and it includes PvP action too.

Towers (4 out of 5)

Doomsday Defense

The game features many different types of towers you can build. Towers will take resources, gold and blueprints to unlock and complete. Blueprint pieces for towers will drop from enemy crates as you play the game or PvP against other players. Once you have all the four blueprint pieces you can unlock newer, more powerful tower defenses. In the game shop you can also purchase some of the rare blueprint pieces you need for towers. Towers can be upgrades o they are more powerful and will need to be repaired if they are damaged. Upgrades and repairs will cost resources and you’ll need workers to finish the work. Keep fighting the waves of enemies in the game for more chances to get the blueprint pieces and have all the towers at your disposal.

Your Castle (4 out of 5)

In your castle you can mine for various resources including iron, stone, and crystal. These resources are needed for your tower construction. All structures in your castle area are upgradeable. Other structures include the academy where technology is researched. For example you can improve your mining by researching that technology in the academy. In the soul tower you can train troops for attacks against other players in the game through the PvP maps in the game. There are over twenty different troop types in the game.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

Doomsday Defense

Overall Doomsday Defense is your standard tower defense game but its fun to play on Facebook. There’s enough tower selection in the game to keep it interesting and the castle area is nice too. There are a huge number of different maps you can play once they are all unlocked. It would take most players a great deal of time to go through alt the maps in the game. Once you defeat the enemy waves you’ll get rewards and unlock new maps in the game.

Graphics Sound and Interface (3 out of 5)

The game looks great graphically with some nice detail for a Facebook game. The monsters are all varied and different and the castle area and map are well done. The sounds are mediocre however and could use some improvement. On the interface side you can fine all the areas of the map easily with the menu system at the bottom of the screen or use the top icons to access the most used icons such as your castle, the PvP map, and the NPC waves. You’ll find a mail icon, camera for images, help and so on.

Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

The game has a multiplayer component where you can fight in PvP battles on the PvP map. In the game you can also visit your Facebook friends to open crates for goodies such as coins or loot pieces for blueprints. You can set friends as allies and you can have rivals which are players that constantly attack you. If you pick invade you can choose a Facebook player to attack in the game and set them as a rival if you like. Like many Facebook games you can send your friends gifts such as resources or coins.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Doomsday Defens eis a great Facebook tower defense style game. There are plenty of different towers to build and the blueprint collection is a nice touch. The maps all look good and the castle area is well done too. These some nice multiplayer features in the game as well. If you like tower defense games this is one Facebook game you’ll want to give a try.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Doomsday Defense on Facebook.