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Facebook Game Guides: Treasure Land

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Treasure Land is a Facebook game where you hunt for treasure by uncovering tiles. Get coins, experience, and other loot by completing multiple maps. Use this game guide to get started playing Treasure Land on Facebook.

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    Treasure Land Game Guide: The Game Maps

    Treasure Land Treasure Land features game maps with tiles you need to uncover. You use energy points to uncover the tiles. As you move over tiles you’ll loot coins, experience points, and other items. for some tiles you need special items which you can buy in the game store. Once you finish a map you can move onto the next one by clicking on the map icon. If you run out of energy while playing a map buy soda from the game store to replenish your reserve so you can finish the map. As you play you may loot apple bars which you can use to replenish your energy too. You'll unlock more maps as you continue to play the game. New maps will require more energy points to finish.

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    Using Game Store Items

    Treasure Land Your avatar has several items available that help uncover tiles and provide extra energy. In the game store, you can buy tools, which include boots, a flashlight, fireproof gloves, magnifying lens, small pouch, tool belt and travel satchel. Each of these items helps your avatar with different titles in the game. You’ll be able to use each of these items at different level in Treasure Land. In the store with game cash you can buy energy upgrades you have grapeade for 10 energy, coolade for 20 energy, cherryade for 40 energy, a plus 5 energy, and a full energy that you can buy to restore your energy needs. In the store, you can buy fragments, which are required to access some areas of the game map. If you have Facebook friends, you can get a few fragments from them.

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    Completing Quests and Advancing Through Maps

    At the bottom the screen on the left, you’ll find the quests icon. Click on it and find the items or parts to complete the quests. For some maps, you’ll need special fragment pieces. You may loot the required fragment piece or you can ask your Facebook friends to send you the piece you need to advance through a map and complete it.

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    Your Island

    Treasure Land You have your own island area in Treasure Land. Click the small "home" icon to go to your island. One of the first building you'llwant is a stone quarry. You probably don't have enough stone to get the quarry so you can mine for it. Move over some rocks and click on the them to begin collecting stone for the quarry building. A quarry will help you produce stone over time which is required to complete buildings on your island. Build the alchemy lab to give additional gold over time. There are several other structures you can build on the island that give similar bonuses but you’ll need more gold to complete them so keep doing the game maps until you have a good amount of gold and stone mined in the game. The game features some decorations you cana dd to your sialnd but the selection isn't great. These items are found under the decorations tab in the game store.

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    Treasure Land Treasure Land has numerous collections to finish in the game. Click the inventory and then collections to view them. The Egyptian Vases is one of the first collections you’ll finish. Add lot pieces to the “share” section of the collections to send wall messages to your friends and get the pieces you need t finish your collection. The game also features themed collections during holiday times such as Easter. You may need to finish multiple maps until you have found all the pieces for each collection. Currently collections only give experience and gold and no game items.

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    Game Tips

    • Some maps require specuial fragments before you can move on. Loot them from other maps or have Facebook friends send you the part.
    • Be sure to check your inventory for energy you may have picked up as loot which you can eat to get more energy and keep playing.
    • Mine stone and rock on your island until you haven enough to buy the quarry structure.
    • Make use of Facebook friends for gifts to get the most out of the game.
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    Treasure Land is a fun game for those who like treasure seeking. It can take time to work your way through all the maps so just be patiient and it's easier if you have Facebook friends to send you items so try not to play the game alone.

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    Source: Article is author's own experiences playing Treasure Land on Facebook.

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