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Facebook Game Reviews: Treasure Land

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Treasure Land is a Facebook adventure game where you uncover titles in search of treasure. Gain experience and coins and become a great adventurer with Treasure Land on Facebook.

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    Treasure Land Basics

    Treasure Land Treasure land plays like the Zynga game Treasure Isle and it’s basically a clone of that game. You take your avatar and move it across various maps to uncover treasure, coins, and experience. As you complete maps you’ll unlock larger maps that will take more time to complete but offer more chances at treasure rewards. Each player also has access to their own little island area to decorate anyway they wish. Treasure Land has an energy system where you use energy points to uncover the titles on the maps. You get a decent amount of energy to start but the need to use energy in these game types of games can turn a lot of people off the game. It’s frustrating to run out of energy when you might only have a few minutes to spare playing the game. The game features dozens of maps to keep you playing for a decent amount of time but does not offer anything new in the treasure hunting genre.

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    Game Content

    Treasure Land In Treasure Land you can visit the game store and buy various things for your adventurer. You have tools, such as boots, flashlights, gloves, a magnifying lens, pouches, and satchels. In the store you can buy things when they go on special such as fragments to solve puzzles, for example. The store is a good place to go to replenish your energy but you’ll loot some energy too as you play the game. Use the store to buy buildings such as a stone quarry, alchemy lab, candy maker and mummy crypt for your island. These structures provide bonuses for you such as additional gold or experience points. The store also features some basic decoration for your island but the selection is very limited which is disappointing. It is always great to see more customization when you play games on Facebook such as Treasure Land. The options for buildings and decorations in the game need a vast improvement before this game can complete with Treasure Isle. As you play you'll get a few quest to do so that is nice to see. Quests are always great in games like this because it gives you something to accomplish as you play.

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    Game Play

    Treasure Land Treasure Land offers average Facebook game play. The game is jus too similar to Treasure Isle, not that that is a bad thing but the content overall is lacking. There are plenty of maps but they are all basically the same with nothing unique or new to the game. The maps do change some as you reach the higher levels but the beginning maps are all very plain and uninspired looking. It gets boring after a while completing the same types of maps. You take quests to find your father and the game has a bit of a story in that regard but the title needs more to make it a standout. Treasure Land is still worth playing if you this type of game or are tired of Treasure Isle and other similar titles on Facebook.

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    Treasure Land Treasure Land looks good for a Facebook game and the title loads quickly. It isn’t bogged down with a lot of pop up messages although there are some. On the sound side the game has some sound effects but no soundtrack. The maps tend to look the same but there's plenty of them to play through.

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    Treasure Land has a decent interface and the game is easy to play. At the top of the screen you’ll find your energy, current level, and the coins you hold. At the bottom right you’ll find icons for the game store, treasure maps, your inventory, the pointer, and a zoom function. Your home icon is located just above the main icon and will take you to your island. On the multiplayer side the game is standard wit the ability t send gifts and visit your friend’s home islands so you won’t get a great multiplayer experience with the game.

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    Treasure Land is a poor version of Treasure Isle but you will enjoy it if you like games in this genre. There's enough maps in the game and you can take some quests but don't expect a great gaming experience because this type of game has been done before.

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    Source: Article is author's own experiences playing Treasure Land on Facebook.

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