Build an Empire With Infinite Realms on Facebook

Build an Empire With Infinite Realms on Facebook
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Building Your Base - Resources

In this Infinite Realms game guide we are going to first look at the four main resources called rations, lucium, verdium, and credits. You’ll need a ration structure in your base to produce rations, which helps you manufacture units. Increase the level of the rations structure to produce more. Build a refinery to increase your verdium gas production and level it up. Once you upgrade your command center to level two you can produce lucium. To make more credits you can sell resources at the trading hub located on your mother ship. If you don’t have a trading hub, you need to build the structure first. Click on the commander center to see the levels of all your resource structures and level it to unlock higher levels of your resource buildings. Be sure to complete the early missions since you’ll get some needed resources and other items. You can use your beginning tokens to speed up the construction of your first few buildings.

Building Your Base - Military Units

Infinite Realms

This game has infantry, armored units and aircraft that you can build. To train your infantry you’ll need a barracks. Upgrade the structure to unlock the three main infantry types, which include shook troopers, wraiths, and reapers. The shook trooper is a basic cannon fodder troop and you’ll build plenty of this cheap unit. The reaper is a specialized long-range sniper unit. The Wraith is a deadly close-combat infantry unit but isn’t effective at range. Once you have the armory you can build some armored units like the raptor, which is your basic armored unit in the game. The gaia tank packs a good punch but is slow making them an easier target for your enemies. The titan is a massive armored unit and can defend key locations or go on the attack. With a fleet hanger, you’ll build the stryker, which is a basic aircraft unit that can take out infantry. The interceptor is a fast air unit but vulnerable to air defenses and it’s expensive to build. The desolator take up plenty of population and deal great damage but are vulnerable to air defenses. Build the lounge to get some heroes. Once you have a hero select “my heroes” in the lounge and assign your hero some military units.

Outpost and Mother Ship

Infinite Realms

You have two main areas to build in Infinite Realms. The outpost is where you’ll build your main base and it’s the location of your command center. Train your troops in the outpost and manage your economic buildings. As you upgrade your command center, you’ll get additional spaces for other buildings. You may want to build additional hangers, armories, and barracks to keep a steady flow of troops coming into your new empire. Be sure to build additional resource spots since you can’t grow without good resource production. Click the mother ship icon to go there and build structures. Upgrade the living quarters which will increase your population levels. Use the trading hub to buy and sell resources in the game. The cargo bay gives you more room to store your resources. To see the alliance sin the game or start your own build the consulate structure. Scroll through the list and click the apply button to join an alliance or just start your own. You also have a docking bay and once you complete repairs, you have new outpost ships for additional colonies available.


Click the surface map to see the area around your outpost. You will notice that different areas have certain levels. You can attack NPCs here or other player outposts. Start with NPCs at a low level to test out your armies. Once you have a large army you can attack other higher level NPCs and then other players. Click an NPC location and choose attack, or scan. You can only scan so often and your scan has a cool down before it’s ready again. Pick the attack button and your hero will say if you can win the battle or not. Don’t attack if you can’t win it just wastes your units. Once the battle is over you can view an animation of it in your battle reports located in your mail folder. On the map you’ll also find resource locations, take these over to increase your resouce production levels. This game is better when you play with other people so join an alliance or make your own when you feel ready. Build a perimeter around your base and level it up as soon as possible. Build plasma cannons for some long-range defense. Photon missiles will hit faster moving targets and the particle disruptor is you best defensive weapon.

Great Browser Space Game

Infinite Realms is a great browser game. Be sure to produce plenty of resources to grow your empire quickly. Join an alliance and click the help button which haa a nice basic guide on just about ewverything in the game. You’ll learn it quickly the game isn’t hard.


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