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Facebook Games: Infinite Realms Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Infinite Realms is a space style MMO war game you can play on Facebook. Build an army, use heroes, and fight with other Facebook users as you attempt to dominate the game map.

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    Infinite Realms Basics

    Infinite Realms Infinite Realms is a nice looking Facebook war game and has enormous potential to be a very good game. You start like many browser based MMO games with a base that you need to develop. The game has a great quest system and by following that you can learn about he various structures and overall game play. The game has three main areas, the outpost, mother ship and game map. On the outpost you build the main structures of your base while the mother ship holds things such as population and a marketplace for trades. The game maps features NPCs, resource locations and other players which you can attack.

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    Infinite Realms Infinite Realms features many different structures you can build such as a barracks, hero lounge, radar tower, rations depot, and armory at your outpost. These buildings need to be upgraded to unlock other various structures in the game and expand your empire. Your mother ship can also be upgraded with various structures such as a marketplace and living quarters. As you build you’ll see your base change with each added structure. To see what a full base looks like you can visit the NPC in the game.

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    Combat Units

    The game features both infantry units and armor units you can use on the game map. The game could use a few more units but what is there does look good. To build infantry you will use the barracks while armor units are manufactured in the armory. Units can move across the map and attack different targets. Once combat is over you can review a graphic depiction of the battle but you can’t actually control the units on the screen which is disappointing. Click on the camera icon in your mail to review the battle. As you level up you’ll also gain ships to use in combat.

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    Like many browser MMOs heroes are also available in this game to lead your armies into battle. Each hero can have upgraded statistics and be equipped with different pieces of armor or weapons. Heroes can be assigned combat units to use in battle. Players can recruit heroes from the hero lounge in their outpost and the hero screen is easy to use.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Infinite Realms offers the same types of game play as other browser MMO games but it’s still quite fun to play with a nice soundtrack too. It’s neat to see your base slowly grow as you keep adding structures to it and the map is fun to play on with plenty of things to attack. The quests in the game are good and the game is easy to follow. Players can recruit their friends to play and send them a nice assortment of gifts and even visit their bases. Infinite realms is a nice change from all the medieval and fantasy MMO browser games and is recommended if you like space based combat action.

Infinite Realms

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