MindJolt Cube Games on Facebook Review and How to Play Bricks Breaking, Cube Crash, and Cube Buster

MindJolt Cube Games on Facebook Review and How to Play Bricks Breaking, Cube Crash, and Cube Buster
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MindJolt Cube Games (5 out of 5)

You can challenge your friends to tons of different MindJolt games on Facebook. MindJolt games are made by all kinds of developers so some games are bound to be very similar. This is a review of all the cube games MindJolt has to offer through Facebook. Cube games typically have a rectangular game board filled with cubes of different colours. The objective is to remove as many of the cubes on the game board as possible. This is done by clicking on groups of the same colour making them disappear. This shifts other cubes on the board making new moves possible. Cube games are some of the most addictive casual games you can find online.

Bricks Breaking (5 out of 5)

Bricks Breaking is MindJolt’s most popular cube game on Facebook, followed closely by Cube Crash. The objective in Bricks Breaking is

to clear all the cubes off the game board. This is done by clicking on a group of two or more cubes of the same colour that are touching, making the group disappear. If the group that disappears has cubes above it, they will fall further down the game board. You get points for every group you eliminate. You can make single cubes disappear by clicking on them but this will take up a wand. The wands are shown on the left of the game board. You start each game with five wands. The game ends when you can’t make any more cubes disappear. The object is to clear all the cubes off the game board in each stage.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Bricks Breaking game

Making all the cubes on the board disappear without using any wands sounds pretty easy but it can be quite challenging, especially when you are near the end of each stage in the game. There are a few tricks you can use to ensure you don’t have to use up your wands. Concentrate on only making one colour disappear. Let’s use red in this example. You’ll have to get rid of a few other groups to make all the single red cubes group with other reds, but that’s fine too. Once all the red cubes are gone the rest of the stage should be pretty easy.

Graphics And Sound (5 out of 5)

Like most casual internet games, the graphics and sound in Bricks Breaking are pretty simple. The primary colour pallet on the game board works well though, and the simple pops and rings bring the game a little extra flavor. The further along you get in the game the more colours are introduced. These new colours work well with the red, blue and yellow starting colours. I love how, when the game ends, you get a big red and white “GAME OVER” across the game board and a little purple “try again” just below it. It’s cute and it fits with the look of the game.

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Cube Crash (4 out of 5)

Cube Crash is my favourite cube game on Facebook . I even named it one of the best games in the Mindjolt library. Cube Crash is very similar to Bricks Breaking in that you need to clear cubes from the game board by clicking on groups of the same colour. In Cube Crash, unlike Bricking Breaking, groups have to be larger than three to disappear, and not all cube have to be removed to move the next stage. Each stage has a predetermined amount of cubes that you need to make disappear. That amount is located on the right, underneath the score and level indicators.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Cube Crash Game

The same strategy used in Bricks Breaking can be used in Cube Crash, but in reverse. In Cube Crash the more cubes you make disappear in one move the more points you get. To do this, choose one colour, you won’t want to remove any of that colour. Instead remove all the other colours around it. This allows your chosen colour to group up in one large bunch. Once your colour is in as large a group as you can manage, then remove it. Once you can’t make any more moves the stage is finished. If you’ve brought the “Blocks Left” indicator on the right down to zero, then you will move on to the next stage. If not then it’s game over.

Graphics And Sound (3 out of 5)

Cube Crash

My one complaint about Cube Crash is regarding the graphics and the game’s one and only sound. In my opinion, the colours are mismatched and hard on the eyes. The only sound in the game is rather boring, and can get on the nerves after a while. I will always think of getting hit with a dodgeball when I hear that sound which is not exactly pleasant. As you get further into the game new colours are added. These colours don’t give the colour palette in the game any life, in fact it just gets worse. It’s too bad that such a good game has to be so hard on the eyes.

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Cube Buster (5 out of 5)

Cube Buster adds a few twists to the traditional cube game. The basic principles are the same: make groups of like-coloured cubes disappear by clicking on them. Groups have to be, larger then three in Cube Crasher. What sets this game apart from other Mindjolt cube games is that you won’t level by removing all the cubes from the game board. During each stage new rows of cubes will be added to the bottom of the game board, lifting the existing cubes higher. The amount of new rows that will be added to the game is marked on the bottom right of the board, the number decreases with each row added. The goal is to ensure that the cubes do not reach the top of the game board. When the new row counter reaches zero you level up.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Cube Buster Game

Mini-Clip is the company created Cube Buster. Mini-clip games by definition are fun and, of course, Cube Buster is no exception. There are a few tricks to this game. The biggest thing you need on your side is speed, you need to be a fast clicker and have a good eye for spotting groups of three or more. You also have to be careful where you click with Cube Buster because if you click on a group of cubes that is not large enough to disappear you will lose points, so you have to be both quick and accurate. Speed is important not just because it helps ensure you level, but you also get bonuses for being fast. There is a red progress bar under your score on the right of the game board. The faster you remove cubes from the board, the faster the bar fills up. Once full, you get a bonus. To use the bonus click in the box just under the bar. The type of bonus you get seems random but they are all extremely helpful.

Graphics And Sound (5 out of 5)

Cube Buster

Cube Buster has a great old school arcade feel to it. It’s the type of feel I believe Xenocrate 2, another great Mindjolt game, was trying to achieve. Where it didn’t quite happen for Xenocrate 2 it does work with Cube Buster. The game board looks pretty slick. The red, green and grey work well together. The rest of the game is delightfully retro from the sounds and music to the background graphics. It is very reminiscent of the early 90s arcade look or the original Nintendo Console. I particularly love the “game over” music, it has an early Final Fantasy or Zelda sound that, for most long term gamers, will bring back fond memories.

Page 4 looks at the musical cube game called Linyca

Linyca (4 out of 5)

Of all of the Mindjolts cube games, Linyca is the most unique. Most cube games require that cubes of the same colour be touching in order to remove them from the game board. Such is not the case with Linyca, where the cubes must instead be on the same vertical line. If there is more than one cube of the same colour in a vertical row, just click on any cube of that colour in that row and they will disappear. All blocks above the ones that disappear will fall down, filling the void. If you click on a cube that has no matches in its row you will lose points.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Linyca Game

Gameplay in Linyca is smooth and fun. The game itself is pretty easy but this doesn’t seem to take away from its initial enjoyment. Unfortunately there are two sides to this coin. Since the game is so easy it can get boring after you play it a few times. Some of the things that make it interesting are the point bonuses you can achieve. One bonus is gained by removing the same colour of cube five times consecutively. You can achieve this bonus with each of the nine cube colours. You can get another bonus if you remove half or all of a row in one move.

Graphics And Sound (5 out of 5)


I absolutely love the graphics and sound in this game. The visuals have a great colour palette that is nice on the eyes, and considering it is a 2D casual Facebook game, the graphics are stunning. The sound in Linyca surpasses the graphics by far. Each colour on the game board has a different tone assigned to it. You can make little songs using them. It’s a fun and funny twist to the game. If you are a musician, you can have a lot of fun with this. All in all, I can’t say enough good things about the design choices the developers made while making Linyca.