Facebook Game Review: Youtopia - Build a city on Facebook, sell goods for cash and visit other cities too

Facebook Game Review: Youtopia - Build  a city on Facebook, sell goods for cash and visit other cities too
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Youtopia Game Basics

I have always liked games such as Sim City and Youtopia attempts to create that type of game on Facebook. While there aren’t as many options as there are with games such as Sim City, there are still quite a few buildings that you can build and decorative options for your city. As you build up, many of your buildings will produce goods that you can sell for cash. For example, if you have a fashion studio, you can produce things such as jeans, sunglasses and other items. Other goods are available for purchase once you have the cash and you can then construct those items too. As you wait for your goods to be built, you have the option of randomly visiting other cities and doing jobs. Once you complete a job, you will be rewarded with some coins to help with your construction efforts. As your city expands and you brings in more cash you can lay down roads, construct recreation buildings, and other structures. Your city can be expanded to a bigger size once you have a good chunk of cash coming in.

Youtopia Structures (5 out of 5)

Youtopia features quite a few structures that you can build to help with your economy and the growth of your city. You have general buildings which include such things as the subway station, coffee shop, condo, radio station, and noodle restaurant. You have fashion buildings including the studio, clothing store, fashion mall, and fashion boutique. Similar buildings are available for movies, electronics and vehicles. Each building will produce various goods which will take time to complete and once the goods are done, you can click on the building for some game coins. If you house related buildings together you will get a bonus. So if you have a movie theatre next to a movie studio you get a 10% bonus from sales at the studio.

Selling Goods (4 out of 5)

Youtopia Fashions

Another part of Youtopia is the construction of goods to sell for cash. Once you have a building constructed you can purchase goods to be built there. You start with a few basic options and then as you get more cash other options becomes available. So if you have a vehicle plant for example you can make bikes, cars, motorcycles, and fancy convertibles. You can build fashions, movies, and electronics too if you have the required buildings constructed.

Decorating Your City (5 out of 5)


A city is nothing without some good decorations and Youtopia has several to chose from. You can pick from various road types such as corners, straight pieces, arches, bridges, and intersections. You can landscape your city with trees, parks and gardens. Once you have a good cash flow you will unlock municipal buildings such as the police station, city hall, fire station, post office, and recycling center. A city is boring without fun things to do so buildings such as the bowling alley, circus, and library can be added too for some variety to the look of your city.

Get a Job (4 out of 5)


While you wait for your goods to produce and the money to come in you can take a job. This involves traveling to a random city to complete tasks for the user for some game coins. This is a great way to supplement your income as your own city progresses.. If you visit the city of one of your Facebook friends you won’t be charged tax but if you visit a random city you will pay tax on the jobs you do. You an easily go home by clicking the little house icon in blue under the main green city logo.

Interface and Game Play (5 out of 5)

The game also allows you to move your buildings around the way you want if you place them in a spot your not happy with. You can also delete a building at anytime and make room for more advanced ones. Your city can be expanded by more title spaces by clicking on buildings and then expansion but you will need plenty of coins before you do this with space up to 64x64 in size. Your city is also colorful and the building look good. The game is very easy to play and you have plenty of building options so your city won’t be bland looking. This is one of the best city building games I have played on Facebook and it has a lot of growth potential in it. You can send buildings and other gifts to your friends but on the downside I didn’t find any unique buildings that you could only get with gift giving. I am enjoying playing Youtopia and I can’t wait to see what new features will be included with this game in the future.

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