Facebook Games New Players Guide: Youtopia build your own city on Facebook

Facebook Games New Players Guide: Youtopia build your own city on Facebook
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Youtopia Game Basics

As a new player in Youtopia your main goal is to make coins and expand your city and you can accomplish this in various ways. The easiest way to make money is to build businesses and start to sell products. So for example you can build a fashion studio and start selling sunglasses which will start your cash coming in. You can also build structures such as subway stations and cafes which will generate some cash too. As you play you can also get a “job” which involves visiting other Youtopia players randomly to make some coins. As you visit players you can click on their structures for some money but you will be charged tax as you leave. If you repeat the same process while visiting a Facebook friend who is playing Youtopia you won’t be charged tax and you can collect your money that way. The game will make you wait between visits so you can’t just spend all day collecting money this way.

Building Your City

Youtopia City

When you fist begin to play you will already have a few buildings constructed for you. Each structure will produce a number of coins over time. You can locate the coins above the structures and click them so they deposit in your bank account. Structures in the game can be expensive so you need to plan your purchase of buildings. You can also lay down roads and other structures to beautify your city but these cost money too although the cost isn’t high. Roads used to be very expensive but now they have come down in price. There are many different styles of roads such as corners, straight pieces, and even bridges. You can also build municipal buildings but these are very expensive and you will need a good chunk of cash to purchase even the most basic ones. Spend some time deciding how you want your city to look before you purchase anything because the coast add up quickly. You should focus on a business district first and get your cash coming in at a good pace.

The Business

The bulk of your income comes from your businesses and the products you sell. It is easy to begin to sell products but first you need a business structure and a product to sell. The cheapest business is the fashion studio or clothing store so you should build a few of these to start. Click” buildings” then fashion to buy a fashion studio. If you click “products” you can pick a product to sell in your new store such as sunglasses or designer jeans. Each product will take some time to build and you must collect the coins at the end of the building process. If you don’t collect the items will expire and you won’t get the coins forthat build session. As you collect coins and level up more products will become available for you to buy. Other businesses are available such as movies, electronics, and vehicles.

Youtopia Game Interface


The controls for Youtopia are easy and the interface has several components to it. Cross the top at the left you will find your game coin amount and any game credits you have to buy more advanced structures. You will also find your experience level to the top left as well. The game doesn’t give you any credits you will need to purchase them with real life cash. In the middle of the page is your city’s name and the job button. To the far right is the game options, full screen mode, and help system. Let’s look at the bottom portion of the screen and the main interface icons.

Upgrade Icon- From this you can buy products, buildings, decorations, and expansions for your city. You will spend the bulk of your time in these screens when you are playing.

Move Buildings - With this you can reorganize your city and place things they way you want if you decide to change your city design.

Destroy Buildings - Removes structures from your city.

My Gifts - Stores gifts sent to you buy your Facebook friends who play Youtopia.

Home Icon - Go home here if your visiting another players city.

Snapshot - Take a game screen.

Find a Job - Another way to find a job, also located at top of screen.

Pointer/Zoom - Your default cursor and zoom mode to seem more city detail

Decorating Your Youtopia City


A big part of Youtopia is making your city look great and you have many different decorative items that you can add from roads to trees. Let’s look at each area and see the many options you have available. From the “upgrade buildings” icon pick “decorations.”

Landscaping - here you can add trees, garden, pond, park bridge, pond, small park, gardens and even a rainbow. Some of the items will cost coins while other swill take game credits. A good mix of landscaping items can be found here.

Roads - You have many road options from straight pieces, bridges, archways, corners, and road end pieces. Roads all cost coins to build.

Municipal Buildings - These are very expensive so you won’t be putting any of these in your city for a longtime. Choose from the city hall, police station, wind farm, sports fields, fire station, schools and even a recycling station.

Lifestyle Building- Your citizens need to have fun so pick from the bowling alley, fireworks, circus, library, city square, art museum and more.

Plaza - Pick from different tiles, statues, tiles with trees, and other items to make a nice plaza type area. Chose from a circle or a square style design for your own look.

Waterways - Add water to your game map with different water tiles. You can even add canals to your game map too.

If you have Facebook friends who play the game or game credits you can expand your city with more tiles. Expansions can be found from the upgrade city main menu.

Tips and Conclusion

  • Be sure to log in on a regular basis to collect your coins.
  • Viist other cities if your low on coins.
  • Visiting Facebook friends cities doesn’t cost you interest on your coins when you leave.
  • Goods have different expiry times buy ones that won’t expire when your offline.

Youtopia is a fun city building game that won’t take up large amounts of your time. You can play this game on a casual basis and slowly build up your city. There are mnay different decorative options and structure that will help turn your small city into a geat looking metropolis.

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