The Verdonia Facebook Game: a top of the line Social RTS

The Verdonia Facebook Game: a top of the line Social RTS
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Verdonia Facebook Game: A Social RTS (5 out of 5)

Real-time strategy games (RTS for short) have been around for a long time. Gamers spent hours on early RTS games like Civilazation and Starcraft. Now the RTS genre has expanded into the world of online gaming with the explosion of Evony. Evony hit like a storm, with thousands upon thousands of players. Other online gaming companies scrambled to catch up, creating their own clones of Evony and trying to get a piece of the player pie. Each company put their own spin on their Evony clone but most are riddled with bugs or like the clone Kingdoms of Camelot, they have very limited functionality making the game boring after a short amount of play time. So how does Verdonia score when compared to other games in the social RTS world?

Verdonia Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Like many social RTS, Verdonia is only in beta. Despite only being in beta, the Verdonia facebook game is surprisingly well put together. Gameplay, unfortunately,

Verdonia City

is almost identical to to every other social real-time strategy out there. This isn’t really that bad a thing. Verdonia is still fun. Players build towns, gather armies and try and stretch out their influence by taking over other lands and building towns on them as well. Players also get to learn different sciences that allow them to improve their buildings and structures, as well as teach troops new fighting tactics and providing them with new, more advanced, weaponry. One aspect of Verdonia that is relatively new to social real-time strategy games is the ability to choose when your town will be open to attack by other players, and in turn when you can attack other players or lands as well. In the past game would normally only give a time limit to players to build their cities, sometimes as short as three days, so this change with Verdonia will make a big difference and allow players to create their cities at their own pace.

Verdonia Graphics and Sound (5 out of 5)

The graphics and sound in Verdonia get two giant thumbs up from me! I’ve played a number of social RTS like Evony, EmpireCraft, Lords, and Kingdoms of Camelot to name few. Not one stands up to Verdonia in either aspect. The Verdonia facebook game has some of the most engaging graphics of any social RTS out there. The cartoon-style graphics suite the game well and keep the game fun. It’s a simple fact that games that look good keep its audience more engaged in the game. Verdonia is also one of the first games in it genre to launch with full music and sound affects plus the ability to control them! Verdonia has raised the bar for any company thinking of building a social RTS. Vedonia has also sent a clear message to all the social RTS games already out there: Step up your game or get out of the way!