Glory of Rome Review: Roman Computer Games on Facebook

Glory of Rome Review: Roman Computer Games on Facebook
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Glory of Rome Basics - Roman Computer Games on Facebook (4 out of 5)

On Facebook you can play Roman computer games with Glory of Rome a browser MMO war game set in ancient Rome. Players start with a simple town center and need to add population with cottages to grow their small empire. Resources such as wood, food, stone, and iron can be collected outside of the city and used to help expand the empire. Technology plays a role in helping the cities economy or military become stronger with powerful upgrades. Players will want to join alliances as they build up since it’s difficult to win on your own in these types of games.

Game Economy (4 out of 5)

Glory of Rome

The game economy is quite basic with only food, wood, iron, and stone needing collection. Players can set taxes in their town center to collect gold. Players need to click the “collect resources” button to pick up their mined goods it doesn’t transfer automatically like other browser based war games of this type. It can be a slow process in the beginning of the game to get your economy up to speed and it’s in this early stage that many people quit. These games require patience and once the economy is going they can be quite fun to play.

Armies and Game Map (3 out of 5)

You have several units you can building the game including conscripts which are basic units. You have cavalry, skirmishers, legionary, centurions, battering rams, and other units to command in the game. Technology and building upgrades will unlock all the different units in the game for sue. The game map looks quite good with enough space between cites to make it easy to work with. While you can move the map with your mouse there needs to be a scrolling feature with arrows it’s just easier for people to use. You can also enter in coordinates in you want at the top left.

General Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Glory of Rome moves along at a slow pace and it can be difficult to get going in the early stages. Resource production seems quite slow compared to other games in this genre. The graphics are done in a pastel style and are decent but not outstanding by any means. The map is quite good and you’ll find plenty of quests to get your started with building structures and learning about the game. The overall game play area is very small and this needs to be expanded. Do quests in the early game to get your resource because early production is just too slow to make it worth while. The game also creates a Facebook popup every time you build a structure which is quite annoying. You don’t need to tell your Facebook friends every time you build a cottage. While your friends may get free tokens to use for prizes with each popup, it’s needless spam in the game. This game is worth playing if you like the Evony style game.