Ceasary: New Players Guide - Roman Legions at your fingertips.

Ceasary: New Players Guide - Roman Legions at your fingertips.
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Ceasary Guide - Resources

The core of any strategy browser game is the use of resources. In Ceasary you have food, wood, stone, iron, and gold at your disposal to work with. The resources in this game works slightly different than strategy games such as Evony. If you have free population you can assign them jobs to work in your mines, farms, and forests. You can upgrade to hold more workers but you must have the free population or your output won’t be at the highest levels. Make sure you also upgrade your warehouse so your resources capacity will increase. If you reach the maximum resource capacity your production will grind to a halt and you will miss out on additional resources. Gold can be made by building cottages for population which is automatically taxed. You can adjust the tax rate by changing it in your town center.

Ceasary Guide - Town Center (Rectorate)

In Ceasary you can control your empire with your Rectorate. Here you can adjust your economy, tax your citizens, change your city name, expand the city, and view any wilderness or other cities you control. If you have the game item for more builders you can also hire them here too which will allow you to build more structures at one time for a limited period. If you no longer want a city you can also abandon it from this building.

Ceasary Guide - Technology


To build technology you will need the academy building and the university. At the university you can research economic technologies such as logging, mining, and finance which will boost your economic output. The academy building is designed specifically to improve your troops or unlock new ones such as cavalry or advanced infantry. Upgrades will require resources and usually some gold along with various building levels. The first technologies you should work on are economic ones since you can’t build a powerful military without a strong economy first.

Ceasary Guide - Combat Units

In the game you have several combat units including infantry units, archers, cavalry, spies, ballistae, and siege weapons. The first unit you will build is the Hastatus a lighter infantry unit. You can assign your units to a hero and make divisions of troops. Units will fight along side your hero and casualties can be healed after the fight is over. You can’t control the outcome of the battle but you can view a nice graphic depiction of it once it is completed to see how the battle went. Higher levels of barracks will allow you to train more troops at one time or you can build additional barracks. To send units on a mission click on the map to attack. You may receive rewards after a mission is offer which can be used to upgrade your empire or fulfill quest requirements. You can also use the plaza building to assign troops to battle and use bookmarks to get to map locations quickly.

Ceasary Guide - Heroes


The game also allows you to control powerful hero units. Your armies will fight better when equipped with a hero and they can be recruited in the amphitheatre. Heroes can also be upgraded as they gain experience. Offensive and defensive abilities can be upgraded and if you assign one as consul you can improve your economic output too. You should have more than one hero in each city and at least once consul for your cities economy. You can click on each hero and assign troop formations to each hero unit you have. Your hero will gain points once they reach their maximum experience for that level and you can then assign the point to the upgrade option you want.

Ceasary Guide - Improving Economy and Trade


Once your economy is up and running you can trade any excess resources you have for gold via the marketplace. This is a good idea if you need a certain resource for a critical upgrade and you have excess gold or resources you just don’t need. Once you build an outpost and have an additional city you can assign resources to be delivered automatically to each city you have in your empire. This makes it easy to spread the resources around to new growing cities that really need them. Be sure to continue to add workers to your economic base and upgrade your mines and farms so they can hold more workers.

Ceasary Guide - The Game Map

The game map is where you can view other cities, resource locations, locate your friends, and enemies. Resource locations are depicted by trees, rocks, and other formations. When you attack these locations you may receive loot that you can use to expand your empire or fulfill quests. It is a good idea to scout these locations first before blindly attacking them. Higher levels will require more troops and be harder to defeat. You can also attack player cities and NPC cities on the game map too. If you are in an alliance you can join with other players for a full scale assault to try and take an enemy city. You can also control many cities on the map as tributaries but there is a chance they can mutiny on you.

Ceasary Guide - Quests and Game Items

The game features many different quests you can do with rewards such as resources, gold, and even game items to improve your empire. The first few quests will award you with resources and gold as you build your first structures. After you can take more advanced quest such as collecting items from battles which you can exchange for rewards such as a pack of units to use or items that can help expand your cities to higher levels. Daily quests will reward you with a zodiac goat that you can apply to the game wheel and win game item prizes for your empire.


Ceasary has a good mix of content to keep you busy. Be sure to do the quests because they will help you grow rapidly at the beginning. Login everyday if you can and gain the free zodiac spin for game items, resources, or unit packs for your armies. Build your resources first as this is the key to developing a powerful empire quickly.