CSI Crime City Guide - Solve crimes on Facebook the CSI Way

CSI Crime City Guide - Solve crimes on Facebook the CSI Way
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Your First Case

CSI Crime City puts you in the role of a member of the CSI team. Your job is to collect evidence at various crime scenes. Before you arrive at the scene you’ll get to view a short introduction to the crime just like the real television show gives you. You won’t learn much from it but it’s a nice added touch to the game. For each crime scene you’ll be presented with squares you can uncover for clues, money, experience and sometimes a mini game. The mini game will allow you to win coffee which you can use to top off your energy bar. Every time you uncover a square in a crime scene you use up energy points. You’ll use several tools at the crime scene including a camera, print kit, and other items. You can upgrade these in the game store to use less energy so you can uncover more tiles. You may have to do several scenes to finish one full crime so it can take some time to move onto the next crime.

The Crime Lab

CSI Crime City Guide

In the lab you can turn in evidence you collected at the crime scene. Your lab has several stations that process crime materials. You’ll have to buy all the stations so you can process the evidence. Stars from the show will take the evidence from you and return later on with the evidence processed. Once all evidence has been processed and all squares in the crime scenes are uncovered you can advance to the next crime. You can also upgrade your crime lab equipment in the game store. Your crime lab can be decorated too with a few items such as tables, a computer desk, lamps, plants and other items. There’s some selection but not a whole lot yet in the game. All tables can be upgraded when you reach the proper level and have the available funds. Upgraded tables process evidence faster so you can get back to work.


From the headquarters screen you can view all the different areas of the game in one location. At the top you can view your funds, and current energy level too. Buy more coffee to increase your energy or wait for it to replenish.

  • Game Store - Purchase lab equipment, decorations and upgrade your crime tools.
  • Lab - Take your evidence here and hand it over to your CSI team members for analysis.
  • View Evidence - Have a look at what you have collects for clues.
  • Select a Case- Pick your next case or scene to complete for agent advancement
  • View Collections - Currently not in game Oct 2010
  • Agent Customization - Currently not in game Oct 2010

Game Tips

  • Use Coffee if you’re low on energy. You can win coffee playing mini games that popup as you uncover squares.
  • Uncover all squares in a scene even if you have all the evidence because you’ll still get experience points and additional cash.
  • If you have extra energy you can start other scenes if they are available while waiting for evidence to process.
  • Upgrade your tools via the store so they don’t use as much energy when investigating a scene.
  • Upgrade crime tables to improve the time it takes to process evidence.


Enjoy CSi Crime City on Facebook. Please note that the game is in the early stages so you’ll find some things missing and the servers can be unstable at times. be sure to check the game often for updates and added content. This is one Facebook game worth keeping an eye on.

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