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CSI Crime City Review -  Play CSI games on Facebook
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CSI Crime City Game Basics (4 out of 5)

CSI online games come to Facebook with CSI Crime City which puts you in the heart of crime fighting action. The game is based around case files and at the start of each case you will get a short scene just like in the T.V. series. Once that has played out you will be taken to the scene of the crime. Using your crime tools, you’ll uncover squares looking for clues but this process will require energy. You can drink coffee if your energy gets too low to continue your work or wait for it to replenish. Once you have a clue you can take it back to your crime lab and use various stations to figure out the clue. Once you have all the clues solved for the case you can go on to the next one. You gain cash during your search for clues and can use that cash to customize your lab and your crime fighting tools.

Solving Cases (4 out of 5)

CSI Crime City

Case solving in CSI Crime City is easier than in the television series. All you need to do is watch the short scene and then go to the scene of the crime. As you uncover tiles you will use up energy points which replenish over time or you can use coffee. Periodically a short puzzle game will popup and if you solve enough puzzles you’ll win some coffee as your reward. While the energy idea might seem like it’s fine it can be frustrating waiting for energy to replenish and you buy it with game cash is you have it. Currently there’s just coffee for energy, the game needs to add more options here. Once you have your clues you can go to the second part of the game your crime lab.

Crime Lab (4 out of 5)

CSI Crime City

In your lab you can furnish it with different forensic tables. Each table can do a certain job depending upon the clues discovered. If you have Facebook friends you can also use their tables too to uncover clues. Your lab can be customized but right now the options are limited since the game is very new. You’ll interact with different people from the television series in your lab but this is quite limited since all you do is hand over your evidence and they disappear with it for a period of time. Once they return your clue is processed and you can continue on with the case. Some cases will send you to multiple locations to finally solve the crime so you do have to do a bit of work. You can view your evidence at any time through the evidence tab.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

CSI Crime City is on the right track and this looks to be a decent Facebook game. Many things are just not implemented yet such as character customization and collections which say coming soon in the game. The game looks great and you even get the Who song at the beginning of your game. The energy system can be frustrating at times but the cases are quite good and they will take some time to solve and get all the clues. CSI Crime City is one of the better Facebook games to be released recently and well worth playing. Look for my game guide to be posted shortly for this great game.

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