Train Simulation Games Train City on Facebook Review

Train Simulation Games Train City on Facebook Review
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Train Simulation Games - Train City Basics (4 out of 5)

Train City takes the basics of Facebook city building games and comes up with a train simulation game. You can build homes, businesses, and decorations around your train station and railroad tracks. At your train station conductors can be hired which will earn you money for your growing city. Income can also be earned from your business structures and collected once it is ready. The game features various decorations for your city as well as different trains and railroad stations. Quests can be performed to help you build up your city and learn how to play the game.

Building your Train City (4 out of 5)

Train City

Not only is Train city a train simulation game it is also a full city building game. You have houses, apartments, business structures, factories, and a wide assortment of decoration for your growing city. The game isn’t a realistic looking city builder since many of the buildings have a comical look to them such as the bakery in the shape of a loaf of bread or the pet shop with a giant dog on the roof but overall the buildings look decent and the structures are colorful. Houses will add population to your city and decorations help with the happiness of your citizens. Factories produce items that can be used to build other structures.

Trains (4 out of 5)

The game features numerous different trains which can be purchased from the trains tab in the game. To get trains to move simply click the stop sign at he top of the screen and select a conductor. Each conductor will cost some coins but bring you money in return after each trip. Your train will move around whatever tracks you have laid down in your city in a circle just like a train set you would have at home. The train stops at the station to pick up more passengers.

Collections and Achievements (4 out of 5)

Like many city builders the game features collections which will grant you rewards once they are completed. Collection items can be found when you harvest coins from business structures. Some rewards in Train City include, coins, population increase, and even structures such as a liquor store. Achievements grant you trophies for completing tasks such as building a number of houses or having a number of decorative items.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Train City is a nice looking Facebook game with lots of color. It has a nice soundtrack and the game is fun to play. There’s a wide assortment of buildings and decorations for your city and plenty of train options.The collections and achievements give you something to work towards and Train City is a nice change from the traditional Facebook city builder. My only complaint is that some of the structures aren’t realistic looking which takes away from the game play but overall Train City is worth playing especially if you like the combination of city builder and trains.