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Facebook Games: Magic Mall Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Play Magic Mall and own your own shopping center. Building shopping areas and decorate your mall the way you want.

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    Magic Mall a Shopping Sim Game

    Magic Mall Magic Mall is a shopping sim game on Facebook. The game puts you in control of your own mall where you build shopping stores and decorate your mall with various items. The game features many different store types and more become available as you level up. Once you level up you’ll also be able to place more stores in your mall. Guests will visit your stores to buy products and you’ll earn money from each store. The game uses energy to perform tasks in your mall and it will replenish over time. When you visit Facebook friends you may also find some energy in their mall. Collectible items can also be found by visiting the malls of your friends.

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    Game Store

    Magic Mall Magic Mall doesn’t offer a whole lot of items you can buy. There are only a few stores for your mall to purchase and most you can’t access until you level up. The lack of store selection makes it difficult to enjoy the game to any degree. The décor items suffer from the same lack of selection. You can only find a few items such as pots, a bench, a garden and a few others. Most of these are locked until higher levels and the selection isn’t enough for a Facebook game. The game has a few different floors, walls, and entrances, but the selection makes it difficult to build a mall you’ll end up liking. With some holiday themes or other themes added it would improve the game play.

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    Graphics and Sound

    The game has a decent jazzy soundtrack and some money sounds but the graphics in this game are very poor. The stories don’t have any real detail to them and the avatars of guests to your stores are very small. The lack of graphic detail is a sore poijnt in this game because there are other games on Facebook in this genre that look so much better. Facebook games have gotten to the point now that graphics are becoming more important to players and Magic Mall fails to deliver in this area.

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    Overall Game Play and Conclusion

    Magic Mall doesn’t offer anything to keep you entertained as a player. There’s not enough store selection and the décor items are also very poor. The fact that you can visit your Facebook friends and get items for a collection doesn’t save this game from the bottom heap. The game becomes tiresome after only a few minutes because there’s nothing to do. There’s no holiday themes to speak of or fun things to collect and to top it all of you need energy to collect your money from your stores. Players who like shopping games should stick to game such as Market Street and not Magic Mall because the game offers little in the form of game play, items selection, or anything resembling fun.