Guide to Level 4 in FarmVille

Guide to Level 4 in FarmVille
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FarmVille: Level 4 Able Farmer


Facebook has had a great deal of success with free-to-play games like FarmVille, Vampire Wars and FishVille- all created by Zynga. FarmVille continues to gain popularity as players all over the world join in the millions who are already having fun on their farms.

You will reach level 4 in FarmVille really quickly if you simply plow a large area of your land. Once you’ve hit level 4 you are now known as an Able Farmer. You’re starting to learn the ropes of the game, but probably still have a lot of questions.

This guide to being an Able Farmer will help you understand gameplay in FarmVille better, and will provide you with some tips to help you on your way.

FarmVille Level 4: What You Can Buy at the Market with Coins

At level 4 you will unlock a new crop and a few other cool items for your farm. While you continue to unlock items at the Market, FarmVille becomes more and more exciting as you strive to gain access to more crops and to start adding buildings to your farm.

The Market is fun to look through, if you have the time, but the items are not very well organized. This guide will direct you to what you can now buy, what you’ll get for it, and where to find it.



1. Squash:

  • Buy for: 40 coins
  • Harvest: 2 days
  • Experience: 2
  • Sell for 121 coins

At this point in the game, squash offers the best return for your money. You get a decent amount of experience, and the two day growth time makes it possible for you to leave your farm unattended for a couple of days without worrying that your crops will die.


Peach tree

1. Peach tree:

  • Buy for: 500 coins
  • Harvest: 4 days
  • Experience: 5 (for planting)
  • Sell: 47 coins

Like most trees in FarmVille, Peach trees don’t provide you with a huge amount of coins when you harvest them. Think of the trees as more of a decoration with the added bonus of a small coin increase.


Rest Tent

1. Rest Tent:

  • Buy for: 1000 coins
  • Experience: 10 (for building)
  • Sell for: 50 coins

The Rest Tent is one of the first things that you can add to your farm to make it look like there are farmers working hard- and who need a deserved break (note the little glass on the table full of an ice-cold drink).

Find the Rest Tent in the Other section of Buildings.

FarmVille Able Farmer Gifts


As an Able Farmer you are now allowed to gift chickens to your friends. When your friends harvest their chickens they will earn eight coins, and if they have a chicken coop that has twenty chickens inside it, they will get 160 coins when the eggs are ready, on a daily basis.

Help your friends fill their chicken coop up- they will likely do the same thing for you when you get your own coop too.

Please note: This guide does include information on limited edition items, or items that can only be purchased with Farm Cash.

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