Farmville Ducks - Top Farmville Tips for Free Gifts and Animals

Farmville Ducks - Top Farmville Tips for Free Gifts and Animals
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Farmville Animals for the Ultimate Farm

Customization is one major of the perks in Farmville. Players have the ability to design a virtual farm overflowing with an assortment of livestock and exotic trees. They can also build around a specific theme. Create a dairy farm or a serene farmhouse complete with ducks and a pond. By collecting various Farmville animals and rare species that are hard to find it’s easy to make your dream virtual world. There is a wide selection of livestock to populate your farm with. Add goats, sheep, chickens, the brown goose, the Clydesdale, horses, cows, rabbits, the bally quail, and even ducks.

The Best Farmville Gifts are Ducks

Farmville Ducks

Farmville Ducks are free animals that players can only obtain as a gift from friends. Although any player can receive an adorable duck it’s not available for players to send as gifts to others until they reach level 15 in the virtual farm world. This Farmville animal resembles the male Mallard or Wild Duck in real life widely seen throughout the country’s parks, small ponds, rivers, and wetlands. It has a bright green head with a mixture of brown, light gray, and black feathers. These animated large dabbling ducks can be harvested or sold. When harvesting ducks players collect down feathers. The time span in between gatherings is estimated at two full days. Farmers will profit 45 coins per duck with each reap.

Farmville Ducks in Tuscan Pool

If you decide not to keep them then simply click left on the animal and choose the option sell. They usually yield 75 coins when sold. Be warned Farmville Ducks are hard to come by. If you’re lucky enough to snag one it’s wise to keep it. Rare animals in the game like these are the best Farmville gifts to give friends. There are also animal mystery gifts that contain an assortment of duck themed décor or Farmville animals including a Mallard Lounge, Mandarin Pond, Male Mandarin, Duckling Fountain, Duck Whirligig, and Weathervane Home.

How to Get More Farmville Ducks in Your Pond

farmville gifts

Players can easily collect Farmville ducks through adding friends and posting on quality Farmville forums. The more friends a player has to give gifts to the higher the chances of them returning the favor with an adorable Mallard. When searching for a particular Farmville animal or item it’s important to take advantage of the free gifting feature. Users often receive cool animals like the duck, expensive trees, and other decorations from helpful neighbors. These gifts can save tons of coins in the process.

Farmville ducks - farmville tips

Farmville forums have special threads for users looking for players to send specific gifts or items to them. Using a forum is an excellent method to get more Farmville ducks quickly without having to spam all of your Facebook friends. They also have sections for friend and selective neighbor requests where members describe the type of virtual farming neighbors they want and perspective farmers can reply. Most users seek players that game daily and enjoy gifting. Adding other duck lovers to assist in gifting mayhem will help build up anyone’s collection.