FarmVille Crop Mastery Guide

FarmVille Crop Mastery Guide
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What is FarmVille Crop Mastery?

When growing crops in FarmVille, farmers earn mastery points for each plot harvested of crop. Mastery points are a special leveling system. Each crop has three full mastery levels (represented by stars). Each level of crop mastery grants a greater number of bushels when found, which can either be used in the Farmer’s Market or to boost mastery points on the next harvest.

When fully mastered, a crop has a chance of producing “Premium” plots for harvesting. These plots provide more experience when harvested, and have a different appearance than regular crops. A special sign is also gifted, which can be posted to show others of your achievement (but is not required to gain the benefits of crop mastery).

Determining your Crop Mastery

FarmVille Crop Mastery

A crop’s mastery can be seen by clicking on the Market, and then looking at the crops displayed under “Seeds.” Beneath each crop is both a set of three stars, and a bar.

Stars begin brown (unfilled), and as each level of mastery is reached, change to yellow (filled). The bar below is a progression bar that shows how far into the current level a crop has been mastered (fully black is empty, and any green indicates how “filled” it has become, much like experience bars in MMOs).

When a crop has reached its third level of mastery, all three stars will be filled in, and the progress bar will stay full beneath the stars.

Mastery Rewards

FarmVille Crop Mastered Level 1

Each level a crop is mastered, the farmer will receive a pop-up notifying them that the mastery level has been reached. They will receive an experience and coin bonus, and also have the opportunity to share with friends.

Each FarmVille crop mastery level rewards the following:

  • Level 1: 25 experience, 500 coins
  • Level 2: 75 experience, 1,500 coins
  • Level 3: 250 experience, 5,000 coins

If the farmer shares their mastery news with friends, friends can collect the following:

  • Level 1: 50 coins
  • Level 2: 100 coins
  • Level 3: 150 coins

Bushel Bonuses

FarmVille Market Stalls

Each level of FarmVille crop mastery also grants bonuses with bushels in two ways: number of bushels found, and length of time a market stall is opened.

At a basic level (no mastery earned), any time a bushel is found from harvesting a plot, one bushel will be rewarded to the farmer. At level 1 mastery, this increases to two bushels; at level 2 mastery, this increases to three bushels; and, at level 3 mastery, this grants four bushels.

Each mastery level also grants extra time on market stalls when opened. A normal Market Stall opens for only 24 hours. An additional eight hours is added for each level of mastery of that crop; in other words, at level 1 mastery, a market stall opens for 32 hours; at level 2 mastery, a market stall opens for 40 hours, and at level 3 mastery, a market stall opens for 48 hours.

This means that players seeking to make good use of their Farmer’s Market should focus on mastering crops that they can use to craft with first (such as wheat and rice for those who own a bakery). This will grant the farmer more bushels they can use, and help them gain more rewards from their market stalls.