Hints and Tips for Posh Boutique 2

Hints and Tips for Posh Boutique 2
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Posh Boutique 2 - Game Play

Posh Boutique 2 is a time management game where profits are made by selling customers the perfect clothes and accessories. The game can be played in relaxed or timed mode. In each level, Alicia will need to earn a specific amount of money in order to move forward in the game. As customers arrive in the boutique, they will need to be clicked and dragged to the item station that they request. There is a separate one for clothes, jewelry, hats, shoes and accessories.

For clothing, select the appropriate outfit for the customer by clicking on the image that appears on screen in a small pop up. The customer will then try on the clothes. When finished, the person may or may not want other items. If other things are needed, simply click and drag them to the appropriate station.

For hats, choose the most expensive one by clicking on the arrow icon to scroll through the choices. Note: The highest valued item will have five stars. When choosing shoes or accessories, you will need to select the appropriate pair by clicking on the image of the type the customer requests through a thought bubble.

Posh Boutique 2 screenshot

When the customer has obtained all of the items they need, they will walk over to the cash register. Click on the register icon to cause Alicia to walk over and collect the money from the customers. Game play continues until the end of the day. If the goal has been met, the upgrade shop section will appear. From here, new items can be purchased to upgrade or increase the number of Posh Boutique 2 stations. Other things you can buy include decorative items for the storefront that will increase profits or the number of customers that arrive at the boutique.

Hints and Tips

  • For higher points, chain customers into pairs or groups of three. This can be done while customers are waiting in line (except for VIPs) or while at any station (except cash register). However, the customers must be requesting the same type of item. Chain them by left clicking on the first person, then click on the one standing next to them and drag them to the appropriate station.
  • Hire the cleaning lady as soon as possible. As the number of customers increase, taking time to clean dirty stations becomes less efficient.
  • Always take care of VIPS and Press people first. They are the most impatient and their mood changes quickly if not helped right away.
  • To score the maximum amount of money in the “after hours” bonus rounds, you will need to be very familiar with all of the items sold in Alicia’s boutique. The customers in these special rounds will appear distorted. Select the appropriate outfit, shoes and accessories by clicking on the arrow icons next to the customer. When you think that you have all the items, click the “accept” button icon.
  • All unlocked levels that have been played can be replayed to earn an expert score.
  • There are a few bonus hidden object mini-games in Posh Boutique 2. These will earn extra bonus money. You will need to find a specific number of a certain item. The faster you find the items, the more money you will receive.

*Screenshot images for the Posh Boutique 2 article were created by Sheila Robinson.