Facebook Fish World Game Review - Learn how to manage your own virtual fish tank on Facebook with Fish World.

Facebook Fish World Game Review - Learn how to manage your own virtual fish tank on Facebook with Fish World.
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Fish World Introduction

Much like the farming craze with games such as Farmville and Farm Town the virtual aquarium is becoming popular too. Fish World is one of those new aquarium games that lets the player control a fish tank and raise fish. As you add fish to your tank they take time to grow to maturity and mature fish will gain you more coins or fishbucks as they are called in the game. As a player you also need to clean your tank as it accumulates algae and feed your fish. If you don’t feed your fish they will expire and you will lose the coins from them.

Game Features (5 out of 5)

Fish World Fish

Fish World is very fun to play and the interface works much like other Facebook games with an aquarium theme. If you’re a regular player of Facebook games Fish World will be very easy to learn.

Selection Tool - First you have a selection tool which you can use to select objects in the game. With the selection tool you can also sell any tank items besides fish you don’t want such as decorations. One nice feature of the selection tool is that you can increase tank items in size or decrease them. This is helpful if your decorations are crowding your bowl.

Food - This is used to feed your fish. Each fish has a hunger bar and your fish will display a food icon one it gets hungry indicating that it requires food.

Fish Eggs - This icon takes you to the game store and allows you to purchase more baby fish for your tank. If will take a few seconds for the fish to appear and once they do you should feed them right away.

Supply Store - This takes you to the decorations area where you can buy things such as plants for your fish tank, backgrounds and even new music.

View Tanks - Allows you to view your other fish tanks. You can have more than one in the game.

Clean Tank - Use your sponge to clean off algae that accumulates on the tank. You will get some money and experience doing this.

Trophies/Friends - View your game trophies and your Fish World Facebook friends.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

Fish World Fish

Playing Fish World is simple and doesn’t require much effort or time on your part. To play you buy some fish eggs and wait a few moments for them to hatch into baby fish. Over time your fish will grow into adults and then you can sell them for some coins. At anytime during their growth cycle you can sell them back but you won’t get full price for them. The most important thing you need to do is use the fish food to feed your fish so they won’t die. If your fish die you will lose all coins associated with them and will have to buy more fish. Your fish will have a fish food icon attached to them when they are hungry or you can check the hunger meter on your fish. Be sure to log into the game on a regular basis to feed your fish.

Your tank also accumulates algae and to remove it, you use the sponge located in your tools menu. Every time you do this you will raise the happiness of the fish and get a few coins and experience. I am not sure exactly what happiness does because it doesn’t really seem to change the game much from what I have seen. You can also raise happiness buy adding more decorations to your tank.

Fish For Your Tank (5 out of 5)

Fish World

You will find a wide selection of fish in the game such as basic starter fish that mature at various rates and provide different levels of coins for your game. You can have marine life such as sharks and turtles but these are more expensive. There is even a killer whale and an eel. You can buy fish to eat the algae in your tank but these either cost real life cash or not available till you reach level 30 which seems high to me. There are some very nice and colorful exotic fish too that will brighten up your tank significantly. There are also holiday fish available during holidays. The recent Halloween fish included some fun skeleton fish, ghost and zombie fish. These types of additions are always welcome and fun in a game such as this one.

Tank Decorations (5 out of 5)

Fish World Decorations

The best part of this game is the wide selection of tank decorations and fun things you can add to your tank. There are many items that require just coins and not real life money which make this game fun to play. While its nice to have high end content that you pay for a wide selection of basic decorations is great too and Fish World provides that.

You will find a nice selection of colorful plants fro your tank as well as themed backgrounds such as holidays and even a very cool world map. There are many different decorations categories that include holidays, basics, carnival, pirates, outer space, rocks, castles, and world landmarks. Naturally some of the more elaborate items and themes cost real money but there are quite a few that only require game coins. You can get some really neat combinations in your tank and some crazy ones too. All items can be easily selected and moved and even resized within the game. This kind of customization is welcome in games such as Fish World. You can also buy new soundtracks for your tank if you want. I wish there were one or two free different tracks included with the game.

Trophies/Friends (4 out of 5)

You can also earn various trophies in the game and visit your friends fish tanks. You will find a wide selection of gifts you can send to your Facebook friends with more being added. Some of the gifts are only available at holidays however, so send them when they are available. You can send friend requests just like other Facebook games, there is nothing new here.


Fish World is a fun game that has a lot of variety. There are many different types of fish for your tank and plenty of decorations. I liked the themed decorations because it made searching for a decoration quite easy. I wish that the game had a few free music tracks available to spice up the basic game. The graphics are well done and the tank looks great once you have some fish and decorations inside of it. Fish World might not be the real ting but don’t be surprised if your cat stares at the screen from time to time.