Facebook Game Reviews: Fishville - Top Facebook Acquarium Game

Facebook Game Reviews: Fishville - Top Facebook Acquarium Game
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Fishville on Facebook Basics

Fishville on Facebook works the same way as other Facebook fish simulation games such as Fish World. Players can grow various types of fish in their tanks and once they reach the adult stage, sell them for game cash. Fish must be fed with fish food and the tank must be kept clean. The game also provides gifts that you can send to your Facebook friends for their own tanks. This is one of the best Facebook games when it comes to fish simulations.

Fishville Interface (4 out of 5)

While Fishville looks quite good it has more of a cartoon like interface than other fish games. The game is very easy to play so let’s look at the various parts of the interface and get to know the game. At the top of the screen you can toggle sound, view your experience, coins, and the number of fish you have in your tank. Below that you will find the main viewing area and the interface icons for game play which are explained below.

  • Selection Icon - This is your basic icon you can use to select any object in the game. If you put this over objects you buy you can move them or sell them for some cash back. You can also resize the items I your tank but you can’t apply resizing to fish with the selection tool.
  • Feed Fish - With this icon you can feed your fish and your food will not run out.
  • Net Icon - With this icon you can capture your fish once they are mature and sell them for some cash so you can buy more fish.
  • Ribbon Icon - Ribbons are coming soon but they are not implemented in the game as of Nov/09.
  • Store icon - This gives you access to the game store where you can purchase more fish, decorations and other items for your tank.
  • Gifts -Stores any gifts you might have received from your Facebook friends playing Fishville.

Populating Your Fishville Game Tank (4 out of 5)

Fishville Fish

With Fishville you have several different fish you can add to your tank. Each fish will cost a certain amount of coins and mature at different rates. You must feed your fish at regular intervals or they will die on you. So if your fish grow in four hours and you don’t feed them within that time frame they will expire. The game offers many different types of fish including: Hawaiian Hogfish, Scooter Blenny, Sardine, Mini Dart Goby, Blue Damsel, and Royal Dottyback. As you level up in the game you will unlocks more fish varieties for your tank. Fishville currently doesn’t have as much of a fish selection as other fish game so hopefully this will change soon.

Fishville Decorations (3 out of 5)

Fishville Decorations

Fishville on Facebook offers many different plants and decorations for your fish tank. You will find a few variations on plants, backgrounds will be available soon, larger tanks and some fun decorative items. In Fishville you can add such things as a beach ball, lighthouse, treasure chest, pirate skull, rubber duck, ships and even a hobbit hole. Some of the more elaborate decorations do cost quite a few coins but you get a nice variety of items to choose from. You can get a larger tank but this either requires Facebook friends or real life cash. I wish the game had a few upgrade tanks that were game coins only but you need neighbors for that option. There are mnay different decorative items in Fishville on Facebook enough to keep you entertained for hours.

Fishville on Facebook Game Play (3 out of 5)


While Fishville looks good and it is easy to play there just isn’t enough content right now in the game to keep a person occupied for very long. If your looking for just a casual fish game, this one is great but it lacks any type of depth to it like some of the other fish games currently on Facebook. One area of the game I do like is when you click on a fish it gives you the time until it needs to be fed again as well as its age and the experience you will get if you sell it.

Adding Friends and Gifts (3 out of 5)

You can easily add your Facebook friends to Fishville by inviting them to the game using the links at the bottom of the game. Like Farmville you can also help your neighbors when you visit them which will give you some coins and experience. Currently Fishville has limited gifts to send and they are mostly just plants with a few creatures thrown in to such as a shrimp and hermit crab.


Zynga continues to make great games like Fishville and it is one of the top Facebook games in the aquarium genre. I like the visuals of the game and the fact that it is very simple to play making it suitable for all Facebook users. I hope Zynga continues to improve this game and add more content because it is very fun and one of the best Facebook games I have played so far.