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Facebook Games:Fish World New Players Guide

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Fish World is a virtual fish aquarium game you can play on Facebook. Players decorate their tanks, populate it with fish, clean the tank, and even make customized fish. There are many fish to choose from and plenty of decorations for that perfect tank.

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    Game Basics - Buying and Feeding

    Fish World The first thing you’re going to want to do as a new player in Fish World is to buy some fish for your new tank. You can get fish from the game store icon located at the bottom of your screen. You should pick the starter fish since these are less expensive and you won’t have many coins at the beginning. Your fish need to be fed periodically so be sure to log on and feed them. You can select any fish and view the hunger bar with each fish displaying a “hunger bubble” when they need food. If you wait too long when they are hungry the fish will die and you won’t get any coins from them. When you buy fish they start as a baby and then grow into adults so give each fish time to fully grow before selling them because you will get more coins. You can see how long each fish will take to reach adulthood by clicking on them and viewing the status bar.

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    Cleaning Your Tank

    Another part of Fish World is the cleaning of your tank. As you play your tank will slowly accumulate algae which you will need to remove with the sponge located in the game interface. When you use the sponge you will clean the tank, help to keep your fish happy and even earn some experience and coins doing so. If you click on a fish you will see a happiness bar which can be maintained in the green with cleaning and adding items to your tank such as plants.

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    Game Interface

    Fish World Now that we know the basics of Fish World let’s take a look at the interface so you know where everything is. At the top left you have your money coins and any money you have purchased in the game. Fish World unfortunately doesn’t give you any free money you need to purchase it. At the far left you will find your experience bar to which indicated the points you have and your current level in the game. If you mouse over the bar it will tell you how many points you need to the next level. Each level will also give you a title such as “Fish Enthusiast.” Now we will look at the icons at the bottom right of your screen.

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    Fish World Interface Continued..

    Fish World Select Mode - This arrow allow you to select anything in your tank. If you select a fish, you will see how long it has to reach adulthood and you can also sell the fish for coins. You can also select things such as plants and make them bigger or smaller with this tool or move them to any location in the tank you choose. Using the select tool you can take items out of your tank and add them to your inventory which you can access from the tab to the left that says “inventory.”

    Feed Fish - Does what it says it places fish food in your tank which is free. With game currency you can buy larger chunks of food which will feed your fish for longer periods which is perfect if your planning to be away from your tank for some time.

    Buy Fish Eggs - This takes you directly to the fish portion of the store where you can buy fish eggs and grow your fish into adulthood.

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    More Interface Icons

    Fish World Supply Store - Sells everything from fish to plants. The store also stocks decorations such as anchors and treasure chests. You can also access the breeding lab from here or change the background of your tank.

    View Tanks - Pulls up the number of tanks you own and the inventory tabs at the left of the screen. You can buy more tanks with coins.

    Clean Tank - This icon pulls up the sponge which you can use to clean the tank and get coins and experience. This only works when the tank has algae on it. Trophies - Shows the awards you have own during game play. Friends - Takes you to your Facebook friends page so you can invite them to play the game with you. If you have Facebook friends playing they will become your employees and you can visit each others tanks. Sometimes when your cleaning gems will show up which you can click on for extra coins.

    Trophies - Shows the awards you have won during game play.

    Friends - Takes you to your Facebook friends page so you can invite them to play the game with you. If you have Facebook friends playing they will become your employees and you can visit each others tanks.

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    Fish World Game Store

    Fish World The game store has a lot of different items in it so here are the different areas of the store you need to know about. Use the menu at the bottom to access the store and all the contents.

    Fish - There are several categories here but you should start with the starter fish category then buy others such as exotic fish. Different fish will become available during holidays such as Christmas or Halloween fish. You can also buy sharks, turtles and other marine life for your tank.

    Decorations - Several categories here to pick from but start with tank basics since these items are the cheapest to start. You can get themes such as carnival, outer space, castle and others to give your tanks a unique look. Be prepared to spend currency on most of these to get the look you want.

    Backgrounds - There are many great backgrounds for your fish tank some are free while others take game currency.

    Music - If you have game currency you can change the music track that plays during the game. There are no free tracks included.

    Food - Use game currency to buy extra food to keep your fish fed for long periods of time. The regular fish feedings are free.

    Meds - If your tank gets dirty there is a chance your fish can get sick. You can buy medicine to heal them here.

    Lab - This is the lab where you can breed two fish and make your very own unique fish to add to your tank.

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    Fish World From the game store you can access the fish lab. You can add any two fish you own here and drag them into the lab to mate. It will take several hours for this process to finish or you can use currency to have it complete quickly. Once the fish are mated you will have a brand new unique fish for your tank. As you earn extra coins you will get new mating spots opened up so you can mate more fish at a time.

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    This guide should help all the new players to this fun Facebook game. The ability to breed fish now gives Fish World some lasting appeal. It is fun to make up your own fish in the game and see them in your tank. Be sure to visit your tank on a regular basis so your fish don't die or use currency to purchase blocks of food.