Free Realms Postman Guide: Why be a Postman?

Free Realms Postman Guide: Why be a Postman?
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What is a Postman? Why be a Postman?

A Postman in Free Realms is a deliverer of mail: parcels, packages, letters, and more must be delivered throughout the world. A non-combat class, the Postman wears loose, comfortable clothing, speedy shoes, and carries a parcel.

Being a Postman in Free Realms is, ultimately, all about having fun. If you like timed mini-games, you’ll love delivery; if you like the matching mini-games, you’ll love package sorting. There are a variety of mini-games in the postman job, which makes it fun to level, although short.

The Mail Sorting Mini-game

The mail sorting mini-game is a “match three” mini-game, similar to that of the miner. Various types of mail will be scattered on the screen (the higher your level, the more mail types there are), and you must match them in chains of three or more. Once you reach the required packages (listed along the bottom of your screen), the setup will shift and begin a new stage, so you’ll always be on your toes. If you run out of moves, don’t worry - the board will shuffle itself!

While completing the Mail Sorting Mini-Game, there are a few special tiles you should be aware of:

  • Stars: Stars act as a wild card, allowing you to use them in place of any other package to create longer chains.

  • Lock: A locked tile may be matched, but must be used twice to disappear. Upon the first match, the lock will disappear; the second match will remove the tile.

  • Solid blocks: These blocks cannot be removed, although will disappear if they reach the bottom.

Mail Delivery

The mail delivery mini-games are all different. During them, you will have various abilities. The two most common are toss mail and toss bone.

Mail Delivery

Tossing mail will throw the mail at its intended recipient, or at their post box. You must target the box by clicking on it before tossing the mail in order to deliver it.

Tossing bones drops a dog bone at your feet. This is used to distract dogs when gathering or delivering mail; for a few seconds, they will chase down the bone instead of you. If a dog does chase you and comes in contact, they will knock you down, stunning you for several seconds.

You will also be asked to gather mail many times. Mail bundles will appear as green dots on your mini-map, and will show with bright sparkles when you’re near. Simply click on them to pick them up.

Postman Leveling Guide: 1-5


To become a Postman, you’ll need to venture to Sanctuary, and speak with Felipe. To test to see if you really want to become a postman, Felipe will have you complete the “Can You Deliver?” Mini-game. Succeed, and you are now a Postman.

Next up, Felipe wants you to learn to toss mail at mailboxes to make your deliveries faster. Complete the “Mail Marksman” mini-game, by delivering the mail along the route, marked by green dots, while using your mail toss ability. Felipe will then point out that dogs aren’t a postman’s best friend. This time, you’ll have to deliver mail along the previous Sanctuary route - but you’ll be chased by dogs along the way. Use your new ability - Toss Bone - to toss the dogs a bone and get them off your trail for a little while. Don’t toss them a bone, and you’ll end up stunned!

Complete the route, and you will be sent to Flitter to complete your next task, the “Scattered Mail” mini-game. Mail has been scattered around Sanctuary, and it’s up to you and run around and collect it all by clicking on the sparkling mail that you find. Return again to Flitter, and he’ll have you do the Sanctuary Mail Sorting mini-game. This is your first time to do the Mail Sorting Mini-game, so it will be fairly easy.

Finally, Flitter will ask you take some overdue mail to Felipe in the “Running the Route” mini-game. Avoid the dog Streak, deliver the mail to the addresses, and return to Felipe to complete the quest.

You’re not done yet though. One last mini-game awaits you: “It’s a Dancing Telegram!” You must run and deliver three dancing telegrams to Glitter, Honey, and Tolin. You’ll get a special ability, “Bust a Postal Move,” on your ability bar: simply target the required person and use this ability to deliver your dancing telegram.

Complete the game in time and return to Felipe for your reward. Finally, Felipe will let you know that he needs you to be level 5 to advance further as a Postman. If you haven’t reached Level 5 yet, simply repeat any of the mini-games until you gain enough experience to reach level 5.

Postman Leveling Guide: 5-10

Speak with Felipe, who will send you to Honey. Honey is located in the Queensfields south of Sanctuary, and will ask you to deliver flowers to her friend Rosalie in Merry Vale. After you deliver the flowers, you’ll be sent to Postmaster Vixie in Merry Vale.

Postmaster Vixie will ask you to find scattered packages nearby in the “Merry Vale Package Pickup” mini-game. Run around and gather all the packages you can find, then return to the Postmaster. You’ll be asked next to deliver mail to its intended owner in another delivery mini-game, “Deliver the Mail in Merry Vale.” Complete the deliveries and return again to Vixie.

You’ll now be asked to pick a winner for Merry Vale’s weekly contest. Complete the Merry Vale Mail Sorting mini-game, and once you’ve completed it, you’ll be sent to talk to Myrea. Unfortunately, the contest didn’t go smoothly, and you’ll be sent off next to Enaine in Seaside.

Enaine will send you to Enve LeStamp in Seaside to complain about the poor mail service. Enve will seize the opportunity to have you help clean things up, starting with the “Invitation Investigation” mini-game, in which you must once again run around finding lost mail. Complete this, and you’ll have to complete the Seaside Mail Sorting mini-game again.

Speak to Enve once more, and he will offer to send you on more advanced mail deliveries once you reach level 10. The best way to get experience is to repeat the mail sorting in Seaside until you level.

Postman Leveling Guide: 10-15

Postman Runalug

At level 10, speak to Enve LeStamp in Seaside. He will ask you to deliver the invitations you sorted earlier in the “Seaside Mail Delivery” mini-game. Run around town and deliver the mail to each mail box, then return to Enve. When you return, he’ll share bad news - the Sasparilla from Wugachug hasn’t arrived for the party!

Head to Wugachug, and speak to Postchug Runalug. Apparently, the PCA has sabotaged the shipment - but that doesn’t mean the party’s over yet. Complete the “Sasparilla Sprint” mini-game by searching for the jugs hidden around town, and then returning to Runalug.

Instead of having you deliver the recovered sasparilla yourself, Runalug will then have another postman deliver it, while you complete the “Wugachug Mail Sorting” mini-game. When you’ve completed it, you’ll be asked once again to level up, this time to 15. Once again, simply repeat the mail sorting mini-game until you reach level.

Postman Leveling Guide: 15-20


Speak with Postchug Runalug in Wugachug, who will let you know that a threat from the PCA has been issued. You are sent to Loryn in Snowhill to warn them of the situation. It looks like you’ve arrived too late. Whatever happened, you’re sent instead to first deal with the mess that the penguins made of the mail by completing the “What a Mess!” mini-game. First find the Lost Mail - and then deliver it!

Finish the quest, and you’ll be sent to do the “Snowhill Mail Sorting” mini-game. When it’s complete, speak with Loryn again, to receive a surprise mission: chase away the PCA while transformed into a dog! For “Biting Back” you will receive two abilities. Chihuahua form lets you gain speed; Wolf form lets you terrorize the PCA tricksters. The trick is to use the Chihuahua form to chase down the tricksters, and when they’re paused, shift into the wolf form and click on them to send them packing. Terrorize five PCA tricksters, and then return to Loryn.

You’ll be informed of a secret postal meeting in Shrouded Glade to solve the problems that the PCA have been causing. Head to Shrouded Glade and speak with Brin Galeglow. It seems you need to take over operations here. Complete the mini-game “Beware of Dogs” by gathering five pieces of lost mail while tossing bones to dogs that come barking at your heels. After you turn in the quest to Brin, you’ll be asked to sort mail again.

Brin Galeglow

Finally comes the “Always On Time” delivery game. You’ll be handing the mail straight to the recipients this time, but beware - there are lots of dogs loose! When the deliveries are complete, return to Postmaster Lane, who is standing next to Brin Galeglow.

Postmaster Lane will tell you that Wugachug has been hit by the PCA once again, and sends you to Postchug Runalug. He’ll point you to the trail of sparkling mail left behind in the PCA’s wake. Follow it - picking up 20 pieces along the way - out of Wugachug. The trail will take you along the road south east until you find the PCA’s secret camp. There, speak with Emahl (yes, a clever play on email!)

Emahl will tell you of the PCA’s plan to destroy all snail mail systems. Behind you will then activate a mini-game, “PCA Takedown.” Your goal is to peg all the PCA campers with your mail so that they can’t flee the camp and get away with their plan! Target each PCA member as they try to flee and hit them with your mail ability - they will show us as green dots on your map. When successful, return to Emahl. Brag of your success at stopping the PCA, and then return to Loryn in Snowhill. You’ll be rewarded with the last of your All-Star Postman set. Congratulations - you’re now a postmaster!