Being a Ninja: Skills and Tips for the Free Realms Ninja

Being a Ninja:  Skills and Tips for the Free Realms Ninja
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What is a Ninja?

Stealth. Speed. Honor. These are the values of the Ninja, one of the most honored historical warriors of the modern world. And now, they can be yours too. The Ninja is skilled in combat, and wears light armor that conceals their identity. Using weapons such as shuriken, scythes, and long blades, the Ninja is a fearsome opponent devoted to upholding honor and justice in the lands of “Free Realms.”

Why be a Ninja?

The Ninja job is one of six combat jobs available in “Freee Realms.” Besides the cool factor of being one of history’s most famous warriors, the Ninja has more powerful attacks than the Brawler, and can quickly take down opponents. With great power and great utility, the Ninja is also a great choice for fighting with a group of friends, or besting others in duels.

The Ninja also has a great immersive series of quests, and is useful for farming money or items. Besides that, the final weapon for a ninja is the Molten Dragon Blade, a weapon surrounded by flames and chains!

Ninja Skills

Ninjas have four job specific skills. Each skill can be upgraded up to four times, by using stars earned from completing quests and instances. Upgrading your skills often will ensure that you’re as powerful as you can possibly be.

Ninja Skill Panel

Ultimate Power: You gain energy for each critical hit you inflict.

Shrouded Armor: Your special armor reduces damage taken when struck.

Ninja’s Grace: The way of the ninja grants improved run speed, faster health regeneration, and attack.

Dragon’s Boon: The blessing of the dragon grants a chance to counterattack with a lightning strike that will damage a opponent and then chain to another opponent up to 3 times.

Ninja Tips

  • The Shadowblade

    For a powerful starting weapon, claim the code FACEBOOKFANS04. This will give you the great Shadowblade, which will be better than your default starting weapon. This code can only be claimed once per account!

  • Enter every battle carefully. As a ninja, you are excellent at dealing damage, but poor at taking it.

  • Upgrade your equipment often. In general, you should focus on items that provide both attack power and either health or armor.

  • As with any combat job, don’t be afraid to get knocked out in instances. It doesn’t do any harm to your character, and allowing yourself to be knocked out - within the limit of the instance - can save you much needed coin from purchasing potions.

Becoming a Ninja in Free Realms


The Ninja job is not one that finds you - you must find it. To begin your training as a ninja, you must visit Ty, the Ninja trainer in Lakeshore. Located on the far south-west edge of the lake, Ty will tell you of the troubles he has, worrying about local kidnappings. Not wanting to get involved, Ty asks for your help. If you agree, he will send you to the Forest Troll Village to gather information about recent pixie kidnappings. (Note: you must have at least unlocked and learned one combat job, such as the brawler, in order to take on this quest.)

Head north east to the Forest Troll Village, and speak with Grosh. He will tell you that a Troll Summoner has been kidnapping pixies on the behalf of the Troll Queen. Fight the nearby summoner, return to Grosh, and then return once again to Ty, who will reward you with the Ninja job.

Ninja: Levels 1-5

Now that you’re officially a Ninja, Ty will begin your training by having you practice using your first skill, Shuriken Toss. Travel to Snowhill and enter the Hot Springs Haven instance; there, you will need to use Shuriken Toss on 8 Yeti Chuckers, 8 Yeti Bouncers, and Umari (the boss of the instance). When you’ve completed the instance, return to Ty in Lakeshore.

Ty next wants you to learn the lessons of being a silent and deadly warrior. To do this, you must speak with the following five people:

  • Kosha, found in Shrouded Glade
  • Tanda T. Toes, found in Snowhill
  • Brendan, found in Seaside
  • Cyndreela, found in Greenwood Forest
  • Chloe, found in Blackspore

Ree Peatpants

When you reach Chloe, she will want to test your skill by sending you to the Cracked Claw Caverns in Blackspore. Inside, defeat 5 Swamp Cray Brood, 7 Swamp Cray, and the Elder Swamp Cray. Return to Chloe, who will issue you another challenge, this time of being fleet of foot and keen of senses.

Around Mire’s Edge, Chloe has hidden five bags, and she wants you to retrieve them. This mini game requires quick thinking: you only have xtime to find all five bags, snatch them up, and return to Chloe. You will not be given any quest indicators (such as green dots on your mini map); you will need to find and memorize the location of all the bags, which will sparkle, and figure out the fastest way to grab them and return. For extra help, use food that grants speed, or the Pet Trainer speed boost, to save yourself some time.

Once you’ve completed the minigame successfully, Chloe will ask you to become a level 5 Ninja before continuing. If you aren’t yet level 5, you can visit Ree Peatpants in Snowhill for your first Ninja contract. The first contract available to you is “Trouble in Snowhill”; you’ll have to defeat 12 Frostfang Snarlers, 22 Frostfang Growlers, and 25 Yeti for the contract and bonus experience.

Ninja: Levels 5-10

Note: From level 5 and beyond, you must have a membership to gain experience as a Ninja.

Chloe will reveal to you when you return after reaching level 5 that the bags you collected contained smoke bombs, and she needs a resupply. Head to the Bixie Hive south of Sanctuary, and clear the instance to collect pollen from the bixies within - you’ll need a total of 15 pollen.

Ninja hiding in the water

Satisfied with your work, Chloe will send you to practice your new ability, Dragon Strike, on the nearby Tormented Spirits of Blackspore Swamp. Enter this instance (tormented spirits roam the swamp), and use the Dragon Strike ability six times on the spirits, then return to Chloe. Recognizing that you’re working toward a greater good, she will send you to Frostpetal in Snowhill.

Frostpetal will reveal to you that the Shadow Talon are hiding in the Bat Cave with their captives. Head inside, defeat the bats, and free the three hostages. Return to Frostpetal, who is grateful for your help, but suggests that there is more to be done - the leader of the Shadow Talon must be defeated.

You’ll be sent back to Ty, who will explain that he used to run a dojo for the Flying Dragon Ninja, but that a group of ninjas known as the Shadow Talon destroyed his dojo and his hard work at creating a group of Ninjas to defend the innocent. Your task is clear: achieve level 10.

The contract for these levels from Ree Peatpants is “Sharp Claws and Sharper Swords.” You will need to defeat 24 Cray Marauders (found in Blackspore, will need to be run twice) and 6 Fleetfoot Ninja (found in Greenwood Forest, will need to be run twice.)

Ninja: Levels 10-15

Ty, reborn as a ninja master

When you reach level 10, return to Ty in Lakeshore. He will send you to defeat the leader of the Shadowfoot Ninjas, Tavil. Tavil is hiding in the Deep Mines in Snowhill; this is a medium instance and should be relatively easy for you at level 10. Tavil is in a small side room on the south part of the last room of the instance.

Ty will praise you for your work in defeating Tavil when you return, but he now questions your ability to move quickly by testing your speed in a minute and a half foot race that will take you around the lake. The quest is guided on your mini map by green dots; however, you will almost assuredly want a speed buff such as the pet trainer buff or a food buff in order to get you along the track and back in time.

Having proved you’re quick on your feet, Ty will send you to Sakka, a Flying Dragon Ninja at the Pixie Nursery. You’ll find the Pixie Nursery south of Wugachug. Once you meet him, Sakka will ask you to investigate Floren Forest, where apparently a stone idol has changed the behavior of the Floren. Enter the Floren Forest instance to the northwest. The strange idol - Ozymandias - can be found in the southern part of the instance, guarded by a corrupt Floren (who will eventually aid you.)

Return to Sakka, and explain what you found inside the forest. He senses something suspicious is going on, but must take time to investigate. Meanwhile, he recommends that you reach level 15 before you proceed.

The contract for this level range from Ree Peatpants is “Fending off the Floren,” in which you must defeat 20 Fiesty Floren (located north east of the Pixie Nursery, and will require 2 encounters), 20 Floren, 30 Snakes, and scare off the Great White Snake (all located in the Floren Forest, and will require one full encounter plus a re-entry to kill two snakes.)

Ninja: 15-20


After you reach level 15, speak again to Sakka at the Pixie Nursery. He will send you northward to Snowhill, to seek out and speak with Michi. She will send you to obtain the book “Ancient Evils: A User Friendly Guide to Evil Artifacts” from a hermit in the Misty Mountains.

Head to Shrouded Glade, and enter the Misty Mountain instance. Follow the path to the right up the mountain, and then take a right again. After you defeat Snowface, the book will appear on the other side of the portal out - make sure you pick it up before you leave!

When you return to Michi, she will send you on an errand to help a local in Snowhill. Visit Annabelle, who needs you to find her husband, Nestor (now going by Ninjai). Seek him out and catch him in the minigame Ninja: The Masterless Ninja. He will appear and disappear five times in the area (marked on your minimap by a green dot each time he appears); click on him five times and you’ll win. Send him home, and then return again to Michi.

Michi will reveal that she was ambushed by ice trolls, who stole her companion Patterwings' medicine. Head into the Howling Hills, defeat Snognosh, and steal back the medicine that was stolen - it’s in a cauldron down in the bottom area by Snognosh. Return the stolen medicine, and Michi will thank you, and then recommend you reach level 20 before helping Ty.

Ree Peatpant’s contract available to you now is “Spirits and Spider Trainers.” You will need to fight 8 Stealthy Despoilers (found in Seaside south of the Warpstone, ran twice), as well as 10 Troll Naturalists and 20 Spider Trainers (Grexan’s Camp in Briarwood, ran twice.)

Ninja: Final Quest Series

Upon reaching level 20, return to Michi, who will reveal that the idol you found was an evil artifact. She will send you to Ty in Lakeshore with haste - and his first task for you is to retrieve his signet ring.

Head to Danger Peaks, in the far southwest corner of the map. You’ll need to head to the very back, along the middle path south of Taka, to find and defeat Sarah the Traitor. On your way there, you will also need to knock out 10 Shadowtalon Apprentices and, more importantly, use your Shadow Minion ability 5 times. When complete, return to Ty in Lakeshore.

The Molten Dragon Blade

Ty will send you next to the Forest Troll Fort, where he wants you to defeat the Troll Queen, and free Dore, Mifa, Sola, and Tido. The four hostages will appear as green dots on your minimap inside, and will be scattered across the instance. Free all four, defeat the Troll Queen, and return once again to Ty.

Having restored his honor, Ty will thank you and send you to the founder of the Flying Dragon Dojo, Kai in Seaside. Kai can be found south of the Warpstone, by a hut alone on the beach. Kai will praise you, and thank you for all your help by giving you the Molten Dragon Blade - a strong weapon surrounded by flaming chains. He also hints that he will seek to have you at his side when they seek out the leader of the Shadow Talon - but for now, the quests end here. Congratulations on becoming a deadly ninja!



All screenshots and references from “Free Realms” by Sony Online Entertainment. Screenshots provided by author.