Free Realms Brawler Guide: Why be a brawler?

Free Realms Brawler Guide: Why be a brawler?
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What is a brawler?

In Free Realms, a brawler is a basic fighter. The brawler job is one of six combat jobs available to Free Realms players. These combat jobs are jobs in which your character seeks to defend and help Free Realms by knocking out its opponents and saving the day.

Being a basic fighter, brawlers use clubs and maces, and wear simple street fighting clothes.

Why be a brawler?

With six choices for combat jobs, why brawler? If you’re more the type of person who likes fighting and playing dirty, the brawler job may be right for you. And since more people pay attention to playing as a ninja or warrior, you’ll be one of the few who give the brawler job special attention. In duels, you’ll be able to show off your strength with hard hits and stuns - and in battles, you’ll be skilled at attacking multiple enemies at once up close in combat via AoE skills.

Brawler Skills and Traits

Brawler Skills

Like all combat jobs, brawlers have two basic skills. In addition to these two skills, you can also use special combat power-ups found as you battle as your third “skill.” Skills are based on the weapon you have equipped, and usually include a fast attack and a powerful attack with a longer cooldown and power cost.

Each skill can be ugpraded up to four times by the use of stars (which you get from completing quests, instances, and encounters.) Make sure to upgrade your skills every so often; while your weapon damage from the Melee Attack increases with your equipment, skills do not.

Bruising Strikes (Level 5): All opponents you hit are more likely to be struck by a critical attack.

Savvy (Level 10): Your critical strikes cause additional damage.

Toughness (Level 15): You are able to withstand more damage before being knocked out.

Resilience (Level 20): You show great resilience and gain health and energy after being hit.

Brawler Tips

  • The Aqua Hammer, a rare Brawler Weapon

    Stock up on health vials (or health potions, if you’re a member.) Unless you plan on running with a medic, you’ll have no way to heal yourself except sit and wait between fights. Boss battles will be very difficult if you don’t have potions.

  • Always check your equipment and upgrade it. Equipment is very important to any combat class; make sure you’re choosing the item with the best stats on it, not its power level.

  • Be ready to go through an entire instance when you enter. Although it’s not stated explicitly, there is an invisible timer on all instances and encounters - which you won’t see until there’s only 2 minutes left to complete it. That’s not to say you won’t have time for a quick AFK, but don’t expect to walk away and come back a half hour later.

  • Level with contracts. Yes, you can level any combat job in any instance, with or without a quest. However, contracts will give you additional brawler experience when you turn them in, making them more valuable than any other independent instance runs.

  • Be on the lookout for brawler collections. You’ll randomly find brawler collection pieces in instances and encounters, so long as you’ve selected the brawler class. These collections give you great loot upon completing them, and also give great experience.

  • Don’t be afraid of being knocked out. Although there are limited knock downs per instance, if you pace yourself well, you’ll be able to spare those knock downs on the boss. Enemy health doesn’t reset if you get knocked down, and in 10 seconds, you’ll be up and fighting again.

Learning the Ropes: Crossroads Series

Carlos Brazenfist

Whether you picked up the brawler job in the tutorial area of Sacred Grove or not, your first real steps as a brawler will be in Crossroads. Here, you’ll meet Carlos Brazenfist.

Carlos' first quest for you (Honor Lost) will be to restore his lost honor, by entering the brawling ring behind him and defeating Mongo. This will start the instance “King of the Ring.” Head on in, and hit Mongo with everything you’ve got - hit your Glancing Blow, plus your Leg Sweep every time it comes off cooldown. Mongo will fall pretty easily. Make sure you walk over any coins or bags on the ground to pick up any loot you may have earned, and then click the door to exit.

Carlos will give you some new gear and then give you the quest Building Your Rep, sending you to Jones at a camp to the east. Follow the road to the east, and talk to Jones. He’ll send you to fight some Hooligan Deliquents (Delinquent Dilemma) to collect 15 Pilfered Artifacts. Find a nearby Hooligan Deliquent, and begin the “Hooligan Brawling Club!” instance. The instance will pit you against three groups of Hooligans. When you’re finished, and should have collected all the artifacts, return to Jones.

Jones will then send you on the Bad Business quest, to find Sabastian Cabet in Blackspore Swamp. Once you take the long walk to Sabastian (or use Take Me There! for a quick teleport), he’ll send you to Petra, also in Blackspore Swamp (Given to Guard). Before you visit Petra, though, let’s take a detour and do some of the other starting brawler quests. Although they give the same rewards, they will help give you more starting experience - a big help in getting to level 20.

Learning the Ropes: Stillwater Crossing and Highroad Junction

Fighting the Stillwater Wraith

Before you move on to the main series of brawler quests, head to Stillwater Crossing and meet with Caitlyn Gravefog. She’ll ask you to fight a wraith for her in the quest Graveyard Grumble. Head to the graveyard behind her and begin “Cursed Graveyard!” All you’ll have to fight in here is the wraith (who’s a little tougher than Mongo.) When you return to Caitlyn, she’ll ask you to visit Seth to the east of Stillwater (Get McGrobie!).

Seth will send you after Robgoblin Pondblasters (Stolen Merchandise). Head to the nearby encounter (“Robgoblin Pondblasters!") across the river, and whip your hammer on thirty of the pondblasters (you my have to run it twice). Seth will then send you off to Virgil Veilmont in Blackspore (Rightful Owner). Turning in this quest will end the Stillwater Crossing quest chain.

Fighting Hewey the Bear

One more place to go - this time, to Highroad Junction. Near the warpstone you’ll find Harold, who wants your help in knocking out an escaped bear (Hewey’s Escape). Harold will reassure you that the bear needs to just be worn out, and sends you to the Bear Cave (“The Angry Bear!") behind him. Hewey is tougher than other fights you’ve had so far, but Harold will be there to offer coaching advice on how to beat him. Once finished, exist and speak to Harold outside.

Harold will send you to his brother Gerold in Snowhill (Restless Rumors). When you get to him, Gerold will assign you to the quest Growler Encroachment. Just head to the east and knock out thirty Frostfang Growlers in “Frostfang Growler!”. When you’re done, Gerold will send you to turn in The Growler Report to Tevin in Snowhill. Tevin’s reward ends the Highroad Junction brawler line. At this point, you should be almost level 4 as a brawler.

Brawling to Level 5

Cracked Claw Caverns

It’s time to return to Petra in Blackspore, who will give you the quest Prey on the Cray, to collect 12 radiant gems. Head south to the instance “Cracked Claw Caverns.” This is a medium-length instance in which you’ll have to fight frogs and cray. This is the first time you’ll encounter tunnels, which you must attack and destroy to stop monsters from spawning. Make sure you also do the bonus and kill the lost explorer spirits - the extra stars will help you level the brawler faster.

When you return to Petra, she will tell you that you’re not ready for further quests until you reach brawler level 5. To achieve that end, she’ll send you to Fernando Flexsteel in Stillwater Crossing. Fernando is a contract giver - that is, he will give you contracts to kill certain enemies in order to gain valuable brawler experience. Contracts give you more experience as a brawler than doing instances and encounters independently, because every time you turn in a contract, you’ll gain extra brawler experience.

Fernando’s contract for you until you reach level 5 is “Hello Fernando.” This contract has you best 20 Robgoblin Pondblasters (run “Robgoblin Pondblasters!” once), along with 10 Amazing Asps and 4 Killer Cobras (run “Snakes in a Maze!” in Briarwood once or twice, depending on what snakes you get.) Although your experience will vary, if you’re following this guide you will need to complete this contract twice to reach level 5.

Brawling from level 5 to level 10

When you’ve reached level 5, you will earn your Bruising Strikes trait. Return to Petra in Blackspore, and she’ll give you the quest Splendid Silver!, to find 12 pouches of silver dust from tormented spirits. Head south in the swamp and you’ll find the “Tormented Spirits!” encounter, your first two star instance with several Tombstones that will spawn more ghosts on you if you’re not careful. When you finish, run back to Petra, who will send you on Finding a Buyer, to look for a buyer for the silver dust you just collected.


If you follow your quest path, you’ll end up at Briarwood’s entrance. Talk to Andrew, who will reward you with a pair of pants, and send you to the “Eight-Legged Monstrosities!” instance for the Missing Wallet quest. Inside, you’ll find the wallet after knocking out the Sticky Spider boss.

Return to Andrew. He will realize his money is missing from his wallet, and give you the quest Missing Money, to find his money in “Arachnia’s Lair.” This is a long instance; make sure you bring some health vials with you. You will find the money along the way to defeating the Spider Queen. Queen Arachnia herself is tricky, and is one of the first serious bosses you’ll encounter. She runs around in a circle dropping eggs, which will hatch into small spiders. To defeat her, you’ll have to run to keep up with hitting her, and rely on your AoE to take out her little spiders.

Returning the lost money to Andrew will grant you the quest IOU!, which sends you to Nurble at the Robgoblin camp.

Ice Troll Scout

You’re not done yet, though. Nurble sends you to defeat six Robgoblin Troublemakers nearby. when you return, Nurble finds a key that isn’t his. Head up to Mayor Crystalline in Snowhill to return it. She’ll mention that she needs more help, but first, you need to reach level 10.

That means it’s time to head back to Fernando Flexsteel. The new contract you’ll be using to reach level 10 is “Colder Weather.” Both encounters are in Snowhill and right next to each other; you’ll need to defeat 10 Frosty Yetis (run “Petty Yetis!” twice) and 2 Ice Troll Scouts (run “Ice Troll Scout!” twice.) It will take about 7 times of repeating this contract to reach level 10.

Brawler: Scrapping to level 15

After reaching level 10, and learning pummel, return to Mayor Crystalline in Snowhill. The Mayor will send you to talk to Jeni Shortfuse, who’s on the high mountaintop on the west side of Snowhill. Jeni will ask you to use your new skill ten times on the ice trolls in the “Howling Hills” instance behind her. This is a hard instance to run alone at level 10; even with a lot of potions, you may likely get knocked out too many times too early. Focus first on getting your ten pummels, and then work on completing the instance - this way, even if you fail, you don’t have to repeat it.

Sampson Idlefist

When you return, Jeni will tell you that she’s being framed by Sampson Idlefist. Meet up with Sampson south east of the Snowhill Warpstone. After you talk to him, return to Jeni Shortfuse to share your evidence that Sampson’s up to no good - and then return to Sampson again. He’ll have you go collect “protection” money from three people in Snowhill: Loryn, Therin, and Murphy. All three will refuse to pay up. When Sampson tells you to do whatever it takes to get his money, it’s time to return to Jeni.

Jeni will tell you that she will need your help - but only after you reach level 15. It’s time again to turn to Fernando Flexsteel for contracts. Fernando’s contract this time is “Local Bounty.” You’ll need to take down 12 PCA operatives (run “Return to Sender!” north of Lakeshire twice) and 10 Robgoblin Bruisers (run “Robgoblin Trove” above the Robgoblin camp twice). It will take approximately 9 contract turn ins to reach level 15.

Brawler: Fighting to the top - level 20

Once you’ve learned Enrage at level 15, return to Jeni Shortfuse on the western peaks of Snowhill. She will have you take the recording of Sampson’s nefarious deeds to Mayor Crystalline, who will in turn have you confront Sampson Idlefist in a battle. Be ready, because Sampson hits hard!

Queen Verda is a face you’ll become familiar with by the time you get level 20.

Report back to Mayor Crystalline when you beat Sampson. Grateful, she’ll have you tell Jeni that she’s been released from her ice troll duty. In thanking you, Jeni casually lets slip that you might have a place in the Brawler club. Just go talk to Rourke Ironfist in Lakeshore. He stands by the Checkers and Chess Game Table.

Rourke will teach you the three rules of Brawler Club - familiar to those who know about Fight Club. To become a part of the club, you’ll need to go defeat 10 Troll Roughguards in the Forest Troll Fort, to the north east. This is a long instance, and should be pretty easy with all your new gear - except for the last boss. Once you return with ten knockouts beneath your belt, Rourke will welcome you to the club - and tell you to get to level 20.

It’s your last time doing contracts. Fernando Flexsteel’s last contract for you is “Troll Brawling.” For this contract, you’ll need to defeat 20 Troll Sneakscouts, 10 Troll Roughguards, and 2 Troll Ragers in the Forest Troll Fort (running the fort once will get you all of those.) You’ll also need to defeat Brugo, who wanders in and around the Forest Troll Village. It will take about 9 contract turn-ins to reach level 20.

The Last Brawl

Note: the following quests, gotten after reaching level 20, are member only.

You’ve reached level 20 at last - now it’s time to finish the Brawler quest chain and collect your rewards. Or, as Rourke will point out when you return to him, it’s time to earn your weapon by making a donation and finding the materials for it! Here’s how to get your final weapon made:

  1. The Rumbler

    Collect 10 Iridium Chunks from robgoblins inside the Deep Mines (in Snowhill.) This is a medium length, lower level instance that you should have no problem with as a level 20 Brawler.

  2. Collect 10 Dark Essences from sinister hounds in the Vale of Ancients (in Bristlewood.) This is a long, hard instance. If you collect all your essences, you can leave before finishing it if you’d like.

  3. Speak to Smitty in Snowhill, and buy a polished handle from him. The polished handle will cost 12,000 gold. It’s a lot of coin, but if you’ve sold unneeded equipment and used potions sparingly, you should have just enough - or close to it.

  4. Return to Rourke Ironfist in Lakeshore with all the collected materials.

Congratulations! You now have the Rumbler, an awesome hammer with a cool rocky graphic effect on it. And now, with an epic weapon, you’re asked by the Brawler Club to defeat several villains. You must defeat (in this order):

  • Mugwort in Mugwort’s Hollow - Southwest of Shrouded Glade.
  • Necrolaceous in Dark Spore Depths - the far east corner of Briarwood
  • Snognosh in the Howling Hills - northwest corner of Snowhill

It’s going to take everything youv’e got to beat these bad guys; enough that I highly recommend going with a group. When you’ve triumphed over all three, return to Rourke. You’ll get a spiffy helmet, and unlock the ability to complete quests with Chaz Strongarm. The quests he offers will give you treasure tickets and gold, and are repeatable.

Have fun out there, scrapper!