Free Realms Membership Guide: Job Access, More Characters, Power Hour and More

Free Realms Membership Guide: Job Access, More Characters, Power Hour and More
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Guide to being a member in Free Realms

Free Realms, a free to play MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment, has both free to play and paid membership options. The membership, which costs $4.99 a month (or 499 Station Cash), offers a variety of benefits to players. Here’s what you can expect for the monthly fee.

Full Job Access

Perhaps the best known benefits of membership in Free Realms is the ability to level up jobs past 5. Previously, players could level free jobs up to twenty, but had no access to member-exclusive jobs. Sony Online Entertainment changed this structure to make it so that all free players could access jobs up to level 5 in the Job Sampling System, but would have to purchase a membership to level jobs beyond that level.

If you’ve played up to level 5, and want to see more of any of the great classes that Free Realms has to offer, a membership is the only way to do so.

Two Extra Characters

Three Character Slots

While free players only get to have one character, paid members are allowed to have up to three total characters.

If you later decide to unsubscribe, or return from paid to free membership, you may choose one character to be your active character. The other characters will remain saved with all their quests and inventory intact until you renew your subscription.

Members Only Small Wilds House

Free Realms Housing

Members also get a “Members Only New House Package.” This package grants the character an exclusive Small Wilds House plus a collection of items to get started decorating with. This house is bigger and fancier than the free house available to all players, but is free (as opposed to other house models available in the cash shop).

Daily “Power Hour”

Free Realms Tower Defense

For the first hour per day that a member is logged in, they receive “Power Hour” - a bonus to all coins won in mini-games. During this time period, members can only win coins as a bonus on mini-games, but it’s a fair pay off and helps members pad their pockets easily.

Free Realms Official Forums “Member Only” Access

The Free Realms official forums can be a great way to get information, meet new people, and discover and learn new things about Free Realms. Although all forums are readable to players, only members can post in the [Members Only] forum.

Leaderboard Ratings

Free Realms Pirates Plunder

There are over 100 different leaderboards that you can participate in and be ranked on simply by playing Free Realms. Each mini game, on each difficulty and in each area, has its own leaderboard - plus there are a few extras like “Most Enemies Defeated” and “Most Stars.” Players without a membership are not ranked on the leaderboards.

More Quests at Once

While playing for free allows you to take on up to 10 quests at once, membership allows players to take on up to 40. If you love levelling multiple classes at once, the extra quest room definitely helps - although you may never have the need for thirty quests at once. Be warned, however - a quest grind is common for many combat jobs.

Monthly Booster Pack & Monthly Reward Pack

Trading Card Game Boosters

One of the more interactive elements of Free Realms is the Trading Card Game. Members receive one booster pack per month for free - which means free cards instead of having to pay for booster packs. Considering that a pack of cards runs $3.99, you’re only paying $1 more a month for a booster pack plus all the additional membership benefits.

In addition, each month a special Monthly Reward Pack goes out to players, filled with different items and coins.

Member-Exclusive Items

Free Realms Rides

Members of Free Realms get access to member-only items. This not only includes special gear, but includes special potions which are about 20% more effective than their free counterparts. The member-only boost to potions alone is a huge boost to your effectiveness in a combat job.

Members also have extra access to other special items in the cash shop. In addition to special member-only pets, rides - player mounts that vary from horses to dragons - are also only available to members who purchase them. There are no ‘free rides’ in Free Realms!

Exclusive Instances and Quests

There are special member-only encounters, or “instances,” available for members. These instances are generally longer and more rewarding than free instances, and often have many member-only repeatable quests that will net you more stars, experience, and coins.

Along with exclusive member-only instances, there are also tons of member-only quests. While some of these are tied to member-only jobs (see below), many are independent quest lines. In addition, many free classes - such as the ninja - can only finish their final quest line as a member.