Aveyond Strategy Guide to Defeat Key Monsters

Aveyond Strategy Guide to Defeat Key Monsters
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Fantasy role playing games, as a rule, have several monsters hidden in dungeons, forests and caverns. Aveyond is one of those RPGs with many huge and teeny-weeny monsters that always come between Rhen and his friends’ quest to defeat Ahriman and restore peace. Many times, it is difficult to fight gruesome monsters in your quest to move to another level. This Aveyond strategy guide illustrates important locations of monsters along with their powers and abilities, and how to defeat them with your skills and spells.

Aveyond Monster Guide

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Snakes, Wild Chickens and Rats:

There are many places in Aveyond where you will find rats, snakes and wild chickens roaming around. Look out for wild chickens in the Eastern Isle. They generally have a slow speed and drop pennies after killing them. Snakes are found in different locations; cave snakes are three-headed ones found in caves. They are not generally poisonous, but beware of the Prairie Snake. A blue-colored, three headed snake found in the Lowlands, as it is poisonous. Rats are found in caves and are quite slower than snakes. Slaying these small and less significant monsters can be easy once you become a novice Sword Singer.

Monsters at the Northern Isle:

In the Northern Isle, key monsters to deal with are the Feral Ox and Snow Wolf. The Feral Ox looks like a bison and the Snow Wolf has light blue fur. When you embark on your quest to Northern Island, make sure you take at least one spell for characters Rhen and Lars. This will help you to survive and fight these monsters.

Monsters at Wildwoods:

One of the key monsters to be cautious around is the Werewolf found in the Wildwoods. The Werewolf is a grey wolf with a poisonous bite, but is quite slow in its actions. At this level, you can help by having Rhen and Lars learn skills at the academy. You also need to possess advanced spells, particularly the Firefly Ballad and Trinity Fury, to kill monsters.

Land’s End Monsters:

Beware of the Ravywen monster, an ugly red-feathered bird with lightning fast moves. You will find it hard to defeat this monster and other Earth Elementals with frequent spell attacks. At this point, it is recommended to adopt melee attacks. Place your gang strategically and take them out. Before reaching the Land End’s, Rhen should probably find a cutlass to boost her attacks.

Monsters at the Demon Caves:

This is one of the most difficult areas in Aveyond. Ensure you gang is equipped with fire amulets as shields, as the monsters in Demon Caves employ fire magic. Also be careful about their equally powerful melee attacks. You can use Rhen’s Sword of Silence to put some enemies to sleep, thus making it fairly easy to defeat them later on.

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Monsters at Ice Caverns

In the Ice Cavern level, you must look out for the Ice Slime and Silven. Both have slow speeds, but watch out for the Silven’s deadly “Ice Kiss” Attack. Always equip support characters with spry and star amulet, particularly Dameon. This will help Dameon and other party members to overcome any sleep spells.

The Monsters in Dark Caverns:

These are very dangerous monsters as they have the ability to curse you, as well as to make friendly characters attack each other. While there are many Aveyond tips that help you achieve success, this hint stands out. When embarking on a quest in the Dark Caverns, always ensure your party members are equipped with toad amulets that can defend them from curses. To overcome the latter spells, equip Dameon with Shield Exura.

Defeating Ahriman

The Monsters in Ahriman’s Lair:

This is one of the toughest levels after Demon Caves. Always have enough restoratives to overcome the wyverns. I would recommend you choose Elini, Dameon, Lars and Rhen to fight the wyverns. Be ready for thermal storms and bombs and equip your characters with the Fire Sheild or Sheild Exura to protect them. Use Elini’s Aesma or Red Demon Summon, Lars’ status altering spells and Rhen’s Nightbird song against the wyverns. Remember, few have achieved success in this level, so always save before getting in there.

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Final Battle with Ahriman:

Most gamers look for an Aveyond strategy guide for tips on the final battle with Ahriman. There are planty of ways to do this, depending on your party and preferences. The safest way to take down Ahriman is to always use Te’ijal’s final embrace to put Ahriman to a temporary sleep and hit him with status altering magic spells in the first round. With these two spells successfully cast, attack Ahriman with every possible weapon you have. The best weapon is Dameon’s Sun Fury that inflicts the maximum damage; however, you can also use Elini’s Red Drag Summon or Lars’ Spells to defeat Ahriman. Make sure you do not forget to use Rhen’s Nightbird Song.