Aveyond Review: Sprite-Based Role Playing Game with Over Fifty Hours of Non-Stop Gaming Fun

Aveyond Review: Sprite-Based Role Playing Game with Over Fifty Hours of Non-Stop Gaming Fun
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Aveyond (4 out of 5)

Two dimensional role playing games have always succeeded in attracting a die-hard RPG fan’s attention. The main strength lies in the storyline, endless hours of gameplay and numerous side quests. Aveyond has all these essential elements adorned by some cute sprite-based characters and melodious tunes.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Aveyond follows a typical RPG-styled storyline. The game revolves around Rhen Darzon, our cute protagonist, who gets tangled up in a prophecy. The prophecy warns about a possible invasion by the cruel Ahriman and his demon servants. The only person to stop it is Rhen, who gets trained with all sorts of magical arts and then begins her adventure to the netherworld.

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The game does not follow a step-by-step level play; it has a very open-ended style of gameplay. You will keep on wondering what happens next, and you may even stumble upon a totally unexpected quest. This gives a more random feel to the game.

Just like any other fun role-playing game, this allows you to choose powers for your character. You can select a total of five powers out of 10. Remember to choose powers wisely as it can determine the outcome of a particular quest. You can also earn power-ups and money by killing demons roaming around the area. Each fulfilled quest will add additional members and skills to your party.

Combat takes place with beasts scattered all around different mazes. An impressive variety of beasts makes battles very engaging because each creature has its own characteristics and temperaments. You can either get engaged in a combat sequence on purpose or get involved accidentally. Whichever action you take, remember that you cannot flee from combat. It would have been more interesting if the game included an additional ‘escape’ option, where you can flee if surrounded by too many beasts.

With a wide array of side-quests and battles, the game promises more than 50 hours of non-stop action. You can download Aveyond free from Amaranth Games. .

Graphics (4 out of 5)

Aveyond is a two dimensional game that has a top-down view. Its sprite-based graphics are quite nostalgic and resemble the early ’90s role playing games. The maps are very large and complex. You may get lost sometimes as there are many dead-ends. Although the graphics have a retro feel, the backgrounds - especially the mountains and waterfalls - are quite beautiful compared to older RPGs.

The game is built using RPG Maker XP, a simple program consisting of a game engine and a collection of tools for creating RPG games. The artwork created, however, is spectacular compared to other games built using the same software.

Sound (4 out of 5)

The in-game music is spectacular. It changes dynamically with every new quest undertaken by the player. There are various sweet melodious tunes that transform into ominous tones whenever you confront some beasts. The soundtrack is original. The graphics may resemble old 2D RPGs but the soundtrack isn’t. It has some solid tunes, not synthesized beeps accompanied with most two dimensional games.

Overall (4 out of 5)

You may have played retro RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, old Zelda games or Chrono Trigger in your consoles, but Aveyond promises to offer a new experience in terms of gameplay and sounds. With a price tag of $19.99 USD, the game looks to be a good RPG player’s choice. The trial version of the game is equally interesting, although there fewer quests to be played. You can download Aveyond free from Amaranth games to have some fun hours of gameplay.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Processor Speed: 600 MHz

RAM: 128 MB (recommended)

Hard Disk Space: 36 MB

DirectX: 6.0 or higher