Free Realms Codes & Cheats - How to use them; codes for weapons, armor, and gear

Free Realms Codes & Cheats - How to use them; codes for weapons, armor, and gear
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Codes & Cheats - What are they, and can you use them safely?

Codes and cheats for Free Realms are special words and phrases that, when entered in properly, grant you special items, goodies, and buffs. With limited exception, all codes and cheats are only able to be used once per account - even if you have multiple characters.

All of the codes and cheats here are completely legal to use in game. They were created by Sony Online Entertainment, the makers of Free Realms, as special promotions to be used by anyone who discovered them. Because of that, none of these codes will get you banned or in trouble in any other way with the game staff. Use them and enjoy!

How to use these codes

All of the following codes are considered “claim” codes - that is, you need to go and enter the code in the Claim area of the Marketplace to get the item. To do so:

  1. Select the “Marketplace, Claim, and Membership” option while logged in to a character.

  2. On the Marketplace Portal that appears, select the middle option, “Claim.”


  3. In the top area of the next window, you’ll see a section that says “Redeem a Code.” Click in the box where it says “Enter a game code.”, and type in the code for the desired item.


  4. Click the green arrow. If the code was entered properly and is not expired, you will get a congratulations screen, and the item will appear in your “Pending Claims” area as well as to the left. You can click the “Get It Now!” Button, or the green “Claim” button to the right. And that’s it - the item will be in your inventory!


Weapons, Armor, and Gear Codes

The items in this section are all useable for combat, crafting, and gathering jobs.

![Raceaway Jacket](

CP24C5N**: The Nightfall Race Away Jacket. This is a level 1 Kart Driver shirt, with no boosts.
  • FACEBOOKFANS04: The Shadowblade. This is a level 1 Ninja weapon, with 27 Health, 27 Energy, and 83 Attack - better than the Ninja starting weapon.

  • FACEBOOKFANS05: Dynamite. This is a level 1 Miner “weapon,” which has a 13 Matcher’s Skill and 13 Matcher’s Advantage.

  • FACEBOOKFANS06: The Checker Charged Helmet. This is a level 1 Kart Driver helmet, with no boosts.


  • N4PF9R3: The Crystal Hammer. This is a level 1 Brawler weapon, with 55 Health and 74 Attack; also better than the starting Brawler weapon.

  • SKELETAL: The Skeletal Speed Helmet. This is a level 1 Kart Driver helmet, with no boosts.


  • STRAWBERRIES: The Strawberry Surge Helmet. This is a level 1 Kart Driver helmet, with no boosts.


  • EMD73DK: Jagged scythe

Wearable Items

The items in this section are all designed for the Freestyle jobs, clothing to wear to make you “look cool.” They can be used by Adventurers, Card Duelists, Demo Derby Drivers, Kart Drivers, and Pet Trainers.

![The Chatdy Tee and Hat](

3G9MKT2**: A striped t-shirt (medium green with darker green horizontal stripes.)

  • 6TNBTGH: Charcoal Bermuda Shorts (dark grey shorts that drop below the knees.)


  • F7KPG5A: A Chatdy t-shirt (gray, with the purple and green with black markings, and a black and white Chatdy.)

  • KN78CH2: Striped Shoes (white tennis shoes with blue stripes.)


  • MPT38B3: A Twilight Layered Skirt (Purple short skirt with black leggings beneath.) Girls Only.


  • ROBGOBLINBOOTY: A robgoblin T-Shirt (dark green featuring a robgoblin.)


  • T86766R: A Chatdy baseball cap (gray rim, purple and green hat with black markings and Chatdy’s face.)

  • XCZG923: A dark blue baseball cap.


  • flyingdragon: Flying dragon cowl.

  • GETSPOOKY: A Rob Goblin costume.

  • DRINKMILK: Bull horn ninja cowl

  • K9KCECXM3EK: Cut-out treeble mask.

  • G3TACPCH: Wild Winter Shin Guards.

  • MILKROCKS: Pet trainer cow-spot apron.

  • MILKRULES: Cow hat

  • DXNMJH9: Kitty-Jeweled collar

Special Food and Consumables

These items are special one-time use items that will put special effects on your character. This code only gives you a single-use item, so be careful when you decide to use it - you can never get another one except via Station Cash!

  • **Shaggy Spider Transform

    CMNJGGE:** Spider Snack, which changes you into a shaggy spider. Lasts 30 minutes.

  • FACEBOOKFANS01: The Veggie Surprise, which changes you into a Fungal Man-Eating Plant.


  • FACEBOOKFANS02: Froggy fries, which will change you into a frog. Lasts 30 minutes.


  • FACEBOOKFANS03: Goat Cheese, which changes you into a goat. Lasts 30 minutes.


  • FROGGY: Froggy fries (same as above.)

  • SANDWICH : A small sandwich, which makes your character smaller. Lasts 1 minute.

  • Special Hardcorer Gamer e-mail code: Hot-to-trot tots, which make your feet glow on fire for 15 minutes.

  • PXNH6HB: Spook Sphere, which transforms the player into a “frightful creature.”

  • POPSICLE: Triple layer popsicle.

  • BARKBARK: Bark chocolate bar.

  • MMMDONUT: Heavenly donut.

  • BERRYCUPCAKE: Unlock a berry cupcake!

Other Codes

These other codes don’t fit into any of the above categories, but are still great to use!

  • JFRE87J: A Doggy Bowling T-Shirt. This is a pink and black t-shirt designed for a dog pet.
  • GMBZZ24B: A free Trading Card Game booster pack. The item, when claimed, will arrive in the Trading Card Window instead of the claim window. It will appear as a “delivery” when you next start the TCG area; to add the cards, go to your collection.
  • SNOWDAYS: Snow days snowman that dances!

Cute Mode

And finally, a super special code: /ABSNBD: Bobble Head “Cute” Mode

This code is not a claim code. Instead, you type this code (including the forward slash) in your chat window. The result will be everyone turning into Bobble-Heads - that is, big heads, small bodies! This means you, other players, NPCs, and even pets!

Expired Codes

These codes were time sensitive and do not currently work, but are included for posterity and the chance they may work again some day.

  • ROSESFORMOM: A Mother’s Day boquet of flowers.
  • FBREDSPARKLER: A red fireworks sparkler.
  • SUMMERSPARKLER: A purple fireworks sparkler.