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Best of's Free Games for Barbie Fans

by: Laura Jean Karr ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Barbie has some fun and free online games through her website. Check out what the three best games are and how you can have fun playing with Barbie.

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    Barbie's Best Games Online

    Barbie has owned many things through the years with her own cars, houses and boats so it should be no surprise that she also has her own web site. Barbie creators Mattel have developed the site to house information, games and work interactively through other sister toy sites like MyScene and

    Here, we aren't going t focus on the various online offerings of coloring pages and doll specific information for Barbie and her friends, but we are going to focus on the best of the free games that Barbie's web site has to offer.

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    Barbie Care & Cure

    free girls games, free games online Barbie Care & Cure is a game where you get to be a wildlife doctor. With a selection of three different wild baby animals like panda bears and snow leopards, you get to take care of them and make them all better. The first step in the game is to choose which animal that you want to take care of and then collect a certain amount of baby animals in their natural habitat.

    Next, you'll take the baby animals back to the wildlife sanctuary where you need to take their temperature, diagnose their ailment, get them healthy and make them feel better with a treat before putting them back into their natural habitat. To play this game, click through here: Barbie Care & Cure

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    Party Goodie Grab

    Barbie's new online game, Party Goodie Grab begins with the day of starting the game as your birthday. You've decided to throw a Barbie bash barbie games, free kids games of a party and need to collect all of the Barbie items to make it the best birthday party ever. In order to collect the party items, you need to get your goodie bag ready and catch all of the falling Barbie items before the time runs out.

    Collect all of the items and you'll proceed to a Barbie Bash for your birthday. Miss any of the items in your goodie bag or run out of time and you will have to start over to collect enough items to move on to the party. To play this game, click through here:Party Goodie Grab

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    Barbie & Me Bike Game

    freebarbie games,girls games online The Barbie & Me Bike Game lets girls play Barbie as she rides her bike through the park. Barbie will need to jump obstacles while staying on the park path to complete a series of paths throughout the park and completing the game for printable prizes.

    Barbie, is of course decked out in her signature pink bike helmet with knee and elbow pads and will need to also collect floating hearts and butterfly's for extra game points. To play this game, click through here: Barbie & Me Bike Game

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