Helpful Atlantis Quest Hints and Tips - Find the Lost City of Atlantis in this Match 3 Game

Helpful Atlantis Quest Hints and Tips -  Find the Lost City of Atlantis in this Match 3 Game
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About the Game

Atlantis Quest is a match three game with a hieroglyphic theme. You are on the search for the ancient lost city of Atlantis. The only clues you have are specific artifacts that hold the key to its location. Your task is to find pieces of these ancient artifacts and put them together. The pieces are scattered in different areas of the world in areas of various shapes that are filled with objects. Match three objects in a horizontal or vertical line to score points and move the pieces to the bottom of the screen so they can be retrieved and placed into the artifact. Each round is timed, and you start off with three lives.

Game Play

Atlantis Quest screenshot

This match 3 game may seem easy. However, as lines of objects are found more objects drop down from the top of the shaped area. Scoring is achieved by creating lines of matching objects. A single line is three objects and gives you 15 points (5 points per object), while multiple lines can double and triple your score. The faster the artifact pieces are retrieved, the higher score received. Of course, areas are odd shaped at times and sometimes a “locked” object (meaning you can’t move it) is included to give you added challenge.

To help you out, Atlantis Quest offers some bonus items that can be retrieved among the objects and artifact pieces. The Hammer allows you to break a single object while the Shovel automatically removes the object directly under all artifact pieces that have not been recovered. Other bonus items include the hour glass which gives you extra time and the “X2” object that doubles the points you receive as lines are cleared.

Hints and Tips

  • When you start a round, look for the most obvious matches that can move the artifact pieces down. Once you clear a line, the other objects that drop will open up other opportunities for matching.
  • Sometimes you will need to move an artifact piece up before you can bring it to the bottom. Once it is out of the way, other lines can be cleared. This can then make it easier to get the artifact piece out.
  • If the Hammer is integrated with your other objects and artifact pieces, try to get it out as soon as possible. Save it for when you have an artifact piece that is difficult to access (like when it is stuck in a corner). Then you can use the Hammer to remove the annoying obstacle.
  • To remove “locked” objects, you will need a matching line or find a way to cause it to drop down. Since you cannot move it directly, you will need to get two objects that match and place them directly next to it. Match objects underneath the “locked” object to move it down its column. Once the “locked” piece is gone it is easier to clear other lines.
  • If the Shovel is included among your other objects in a level, try to clear as many lines as you can that are near the artifact pieces before you get it to drop to the bottom. By using this strategy, you can eliminate objects that are easy to clear and save the Shovel for getting rid of the tougher ones.
  • Try to avoid moving artifact pieces next to one another while moving them towards the bottom. When artifact pieces are clumped together, it can make a sort of barrier when trying to clear objects.

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