Helpful Tips for the Call of Atlantis Game - How to Use Bonus items for Higher Scoring and Game Round Success

Helpful Tips for the Call of Atlantis Game - How to Use Bonus items for Higher Scoring and Game Round Success
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About the Call of Atlantis Game

Call of Atlantis is a puzzle and match three game. The Altar of Poseidon which protected the city of Atlantis has been stolen. Poseidon took it away out of anger due to the lack of worship and praise from the citizens of Atlantis. The seven crystals of the altar have been scattered around the world. Your task is to locate these items through the solving of puzzles and matching games.

Game Play

Call of Atlantis game

In each section of the Call of Atlantis game there are several match three rounds to complete. Pieces of ancient relics must be retrieved in order to bring you closer to locating a crystal for the Altar of Poseidon. Other bonus items can be retrieved to help you destroy extra tiles or give you an additional life. Each round is timed. All items must be retrieved before the time runs out or the round will have to be repeated. At the end of each successful round, a summary of your score will be revealed that displays your total points and bonus items earned.

In between match three rounds, there are hidden item finding puzzles to solve. A scene is displayed as a room which is filled with relics and other items. Your goal is put together certain ancient relics by finding the hidden pieces within the room. There is no timer, so you can take as long as you need to solve the puzzle. A hint option is available that will identify the location of a single relic piece. The round ends once all relic pieces have been retrieved.

Game Tips

Check out these Call of Atlantis game tips to help increase your score and complete rounds faster:

  • Multiple matches of each type of tile will temporarily give you the power of the Amulet of Poseidon. Click on it when it becomes charged (glows) to eliminate a lot of random tiles in your current round. Note: The amulet only remains charged for a short time, so you will need to use it right away to take advantage of it..
  • The Bomb of Titans is a bonus item that allows you to target a specific section of tiles to be destroyed. Use it strategically in areas where you are having difficulty making matches.
  • Locked tiles can be troublesome. A good strategy is to unlock them early in the round before they drop to the bottom of the screen. If this happens, it is more difficult to match a line to remove the lock on it.
  • Heart tiles are a bonus item that gives you an extra life. Whenever these appear, be sure to obtain them before you get your last Atlantis relic piece that will complete your current match three round.
  • The Lightning of Zeus is another bonus item you can retrieve in the match three rounds. It can be used to destroy one type of tile. Use this strategically to help you retrieve relic pieces that are difficult to move (such as locked tile pieces). Note: If you are not careful with your tile selection, you may accidentally remove pieces that are needed.