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Gamer's Guide to Hotel Dash Suite Success

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Lamar Stonecypher ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Looking for help with the Hotel Dash Suite Success game? Although game play has many similarities with other Diner Dash titles, there are variations that will need attention to succeed as It's one of those time management games that does require a bit of strategy.

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    About the Game

    Hotel Dash Suite Success game screenshot In Hotel Dash Suite Success, Flo helps her travel agent friend improve the hotels in the town. To start off, all of them seem to be in terrible condition. In this time management game, instead of serving tables you will be assisting customers by getting them to their rooms and bringing items as needed. As the game is played and money is earned, items can be purchased to improve the look of the hotel and rooms, and to improve customer’s patience.

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    Game Play

    Hotel Dash Suite Success game screenshot Each hotel has multiple floors to work with. To serve customers, she must take elevators to get to the different rooms. Rooms can be upgraded with stars that result in higher tips and earn “star” bucks that can be used to purchase items specifically for the rooms. As customers arrive, they are taken to their rooms. Like the other Diner Dash style games, additional bonus points can be earned if the room matches the color of the customer’s clothing. Luggage is then taken to the customer’s room. Food and other items are then brought as requests are made. At the end of each successful round, hotel and room upgrades can be purchased (if you have enough money).

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    Game Tips

    • Upgrade rooms with stars as soon as possible. The “star” bucks are more difficult to get than simple tips. More rooms that have stars earn these bucks faster. Also, you will need to completely upgrade one of the rooms before you can leave the hotel for another one.
    • In every round, try to match customers to rooms with the same color. Similar to other Diner Dash game strategies, as rooms clear, continually match customers by color for an increase in bonus amount received.
    • Purchase the cart upgrades early. This is a good time management strategy in the Hotel Suite Success game .Carts can hold up to six items (at the highest upgrade), which can save you time. Also, maximizing the amount of items in a cart allows you to get chain bonuses for multiple customer service actions.
    • If you can, try to put noisy customers on a separate floor. Less tolerant customers will get really impatient fast if there is too much ruckus.
    • Watch out for the “wake up calls” for your customers. If you are not paying attention, it is easy to miss (and lose customers). The game does not make it obvious with a distinctive sound. You need to look for an alarm clock icon that moves slightly side to side.
    • Before giving customers their room key, put the gift basket (if available) in front of their door for an added bonus score.
    • Improve customer patience while they wait for their rooms by using the entertainer, newspaper and decorative items that can be added to the hotel.
    • If you have celebrities in your hotel, serve them first. Their bodyguards will block the path of other customers that try to get to their own rooms.


  • Screenshot images for the Hotel Dash Suite Success game article were created by Sheila Robinson.